Before Marriage-Keep A Few Things in Mind [Points]


This article Before Marriage- Keep A Few Things In Mind is about taking care of some things before marriage, as marriage is an important stage of the relationship, after which a new form of relationship between the relations comes out.

It has been seen many times that many couples happily accept this new format of their lives, but some may see the dilemma and feelings of dissatisfaction.

In the initial phase, everyone is very enthusiastic about their spouse. Butterflies are felt in the stomach. When you see that your special person is dating then your feet start dancing.

Your eyes feel like you dream as you see them. The best part, you have been dating for a long time to take the relationship to the next level, and everything is successfully concluded without a hitch.

You start to wonder if it is time to make a big commitment but, just how can you make sure that you are really ready to get married?

There are some tips and advice for this that will help you determine if, in reality, you are ready to get married and what or the right time.

We all dream about the great getaway every now and then so no matter how much we love our homes, our jobs, our friends, and our families. However, he dreams of being with his partner and we daydream about running away.

Want to start a new life again. Let’s complete it for a simple life. Often this fantasy involves the beach, sunshine, and especially sun-starved Brits to relax, so when it comes to our marriage, we seize the chance to include a hint of escape, and more and more we overseas choose to tie the knot.

Although it sounds blissful, and may well be a very good idea, a partner who is prepared for such a good preparation should also be excellent.  

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Some Points to Consider Before Marriage

keep few things before marriage


Here are some hints and tips to ensure that your decision about partner and marriage is correct or not-  

List of Habits and Symptoms to Consider

The following includes all these habits and symptoms that can help you determine if you are ready to take the big step-

  • Do you have money to manage?
  • The first thing is that you can see the maturity level in all areas of your life.
  • Do you give up?
  • Can you accept constructive criticism from each other?
  • Do you handle your finances wisely?
  • How does each of you handle the obstacles that come in the way of your daily course or plans?
  • Do you try next?
  • How is each of you responsible?
  • Do you manage your money? 

See Each of Your Goals

Have you established long term goals? If one of you has not included a long-term relationship that will lead to marriage in your goals, then chances are that what is not, is not ready.

If you or your partner have not thought together or planned for the future, you should discuss it.

Most couples who are seriously committed refer to the future together. If your partner and you are not one, then you need to make sure that you are not in a relationship and your goals are different from now.

Think About Each Of Your Behaviors.

Does one of you still spend more time partying with friends? Is one of you a little irresponsible with alcohol or staying up too late and working early? If so, these are signs that you are not ready to settle down.  

How Do You Treat Each Other?

Do you think both of you are treated the same? If each is not better than itself? This is what it takes to make a marriage successful.

If one of you is sarcastic or negative towards the other, it is definitely not a wise move to get married.

You want to make sure that you think of each other and put the other first. The last thing you should reconsider is if it is accompanied by destructive behavior caused by a hothead.

Your Financial Stability

Is your partner financially stable? One major difficulty in marriage finances and you need to make sure that both of you are going to step into the wedding financially and have each other’s partners.

Be Clear What You Want Before Marriage

It seems very easy to think that you and your partner are getting married in the same way you always dream. Except that often your dream wedding does not match your current partner.

So, to make your dream plan a reality, talk about everything clearly in detail.
Detail implies taking time to explore all your options so that the two of you can be completely clear about each other’s vision of what you are paying for.

Eventually, if you can communicate about this, you will be set for a long road to a long-term relationship.

Find Someone on the Ground

Once you are in the planning and booking phase, try to find an outspoken who can be your man on the ground.

Clear up the consequences by trying to talk about the preparations for your dream days, which brings the phrase in your wake with all the emotional stress.

If planning weddings abroad has increased the ability to get married abroad has brought a stream of wedding planners who will find out veins, book caterers, florists, and hairdressers and reduce their stress levels and hide Get information about the cost.  

Stay Upside Down With Your Family

Most families adopt the idea of ​​marriage abroad. However, no family and any close friends of yours will appreciate the inaccurate information about the financial and logical implications of your wedding. So get information from them.

Get a block-booking discount at your chosen hotel, and get flights and transfers. Get accurate information in If you are not clear about what to offer and what to expect from your guests during your stay abroad, everyone is free to choose their itinerary and enjoy the day.

Take Rest


 Before Marriage


Finally, remember: these come once in lifetime adventures. You have chosen to do it abroad instead of at the registry office down the road for one reason. Running with the efficiency of the system for your big day can be memorable.

Conversely, relax, and enjoy any minor bumps during the day.
They should be expected, and laughing about them is the way to handle it.

No one wants to worry about their special day whether the flower plan is right, so cherish the moments with your loved ones, and adopt the adventure that you have embarked on.

Marriage is a long road, and starting it with laughter instead of tears is a memory that you will treasure.

Questions To Ask Before Marriage

 keep a few things in mind


Faith and Belief System

Each of us enters adulthood with many different values ​​passed on to us from our parents and cultural upbringing.

This may include our faith and belief system. It would be wise for each of us to know what is important to us according to religion and faith.
It becomes a non-negotiable in marriage.

Lay the foundation of faith in your own life and decide that the person you marry should also respect that belief.

In fact, when you marry outside of your faith, complications arise before you even tie the knot because even the wedding ceremony will be full of additional conversation about how it is going to happen.

Know what you believe Know who you believe in? Are you both like-minded? Do not disregard this question, thinking that it will pass by itself with the passage of time. Have a deep conversation before joining it.

How Many Kids Do You Want?

When you are young and in love, the idea of ​​being tied by children may not be very appealing. If none of you want a child, this can be a serious area of ​​conflict during your marriage. Please resolve the issue before making any long-term commitments.  

How Do You Handle Money?

When you look at the main areas of conflict within marriage, financial issues, along with sex and communication can rank right at the top.

  • Are you a spender or banker to ask a question?
  • Donate to the poor?
  • What is more important to you? People or things?
  • How did your parents handle the money?
  • Are you generous or agile?
  • How does each of you feel about purchasing a fare and a credit card?
  • Do you save every month?
  • Take a high financial risk?
  • Do you believe in believing?
  • How do you feel about debt?
  • Do you gamble or buy lotto tickets?

Such questions inspire others as to who will manage the wealth within the family. Money issues last a lifetime. It is important that you are on the same page from the beginning.  

What Will Be The Division Of Labor?

Over the years, women stayed at home, managed all aspects of the home, and raised children and men went out to work.

When he came back home, he put his feet up, read the newspaper, watched TV, and was served by his wives. But not now.

Today many families are dual-income and more and more women are becoming professionals, it is not uncommon for wives to earn more than their husbands. Housewives are becoming a more familiar sight in supermarkets and in school children waiting for their children.

If both husband and wife are working, then who will do the work of cooking, cleaning, utensils, laundry?

Some couples may have very busy lives with children. Roles may need to be discussed and renegotiated as time progresses.

How Does One Feel About Divorce?

If you are a person of faith, then divorce should not be an option. Fifty years ago the marriage was to keep and the divorce was condemnable.

Things changed in today’s era. Divorce is becoming more and more acceptable. It is easier for a couple to serve divorce papers than disagreements, increased tempering, stalemate to achieve, and offering patience and sacrifice.

Find out how your future spouse feels about divorce. Do they believe that if the marriage did not come to fruition, it does not matter, we can always end it?
Or do they understand that marriage is hard work and worth fighting for?

Difficulties and disagreements will come, but instead of considering divorce, we will choose understanding and selflessness. Before you commit, understand with your partner that divorce is not an option.

Challenges of Married Life

before marriage


 In married life the storm of life is real and there is no successful marriage without a story to overcome challenges. The main issue is how to overcome these challenges of life.

This article further explains how to deal with these storms in married life. Every marriage has a strange storm of life, which is obvious or hidden to the public.

Yet its victims suffer. There is a solution to infertility or financial hardship, disabled or ill child or spouse, infidelity, extended family disputes, immaturity or irresponsibility, etc., whatever. Surely, you can win over the challenges faced in your marriage.

Following are some remedies for how to overcome the storm in your married life –

Acknowledge That Life Challenges Are Real In Married Life

Knowledge of this truth is helpful in preparing you mentally, spiritually, and physically as well. It determines your thoughts, words, and actions.

Being ignorant of the high probability of these challenges is to prepare yourself for a possible total breakdown in your marriage.  

Strengthen Yourself with the Word of God

Your inner scriptures create a defense of security around you and your marriage, preventing some attacks from the enemy.

Also, the Lord’s word will make you completely firm, preparing you against any knock from the storms of life. Remember, if you are careless during days of adversity in your married life, it means that your strength is small.  

Accept That Challenges Are Normal for Humans

Recognizing that challenges are common in life is an important step to overcome the challenges of married life. Assuming that you and your partner’s case are no different.

But when you consider it strange only for you, then you complicate a challenge by making it bigger. On the other hand, seeing it as normal enables you to gain respect and trust in others before you.

It Is Not Necessary To Prove the Allegations

Blaming anyone for his mistake does not solve that issue. This complicates problems rather than resolving problems.

The attitude of blaming you or your spouse leads to anger, hatred, depression, unhappiness, untrained, etc. among others, and eventually results in separation or divorce.

No matter, there is no other way to blame anyone for the challenges in life, but do not vote in it.

Continually Pay Attention To The Scriptures Related To The Challenge

Spiritual meditation puts the word of God before you and equips you with weapons against mental warfare with which you have both mental peace and strength to fight every doubt or fear.

Constant meditation keeps you permanently above that storm until it stops.  

Declare the Scriptures to Each Other and Pray

Hearing the word God automatically burns the light of faith in your mind, so the more you both listen to it, the more your faith grows and your personal power develops new one.

When one is weakening and giving up, the other maintains it. Also, pray for scriptures because God only listens to their word. When we pray, we remember His word.  

Venting the Word of God into That Challenge and Every Doubt

before marriage


You always get what you say. Challenges and doubts will disappear only if you command them to follow the word of God. It is also proof of your faith in God and his word.  

Refuse To Listen To Any Comments.

Through enemies, people can test the power of the word Lord within you. Even people with good intentions can be used.

Your reaction to their comments determines the intensity and duration of the storm, so as not to let the comments of another person affect your partner and relationship.

This reduces the ghee in the upcoming challenges. At the same time, the enemy tries to steal the word in you because it is a weapon that will destroy your power and defeat you.

Read Books and Listen for CD Instructions Related To Solutions

Alpha and Omega knows the end from the beginning. He looks forward to what your eyes can see and is the solution to those challenges in life.
Therefore, seek the face of God to take appropriate steps.

Some went through that storm of life in their married life and prevailed. Discover what they achieved through their stories. You gain momentum and time in your relationship through the stories and experiences of others.

Seek Divine Counseling and Support Each Other If Necessary

There is safety in the crowd of lawyers as lawyers led by God or go for help as this may include medical aid. Two are definitely better than one.

You need to strongly support each other, mentally, emotionally, and otherwise, during this storm of life in your married life.
This is not the time for both of you to go your separate ways but to get closer to each other.

Negative elements can never succeed where there is strong unity. After a time, of course, he concedes defeat.  

Do Not Give Up Hope While Fighting Challenges

Truly, it may take some time but your victory is sure if you do not agree. Keep in mind that your win today is another doubles victory.

It’s not all about you! Like every storm, this storm of life will also pass. Whether it can endure for some time, but the morning definitely comes that overflows with joy.  

How Can I Be a Good Spouse

good spouse


 If you ask yourself how can I be a good husband? So it means that you are on your way to becoming one. Just asking yourself this question means that you already have the most important quality of a husband.

Asking this question indicates that you want to try something for your wife.

What does your partner think of you? However, this question can be said to be easy to answer. So, here are some tips on how to be a good husband.

Be Affectionate For Your Partner

Be the sweet and caring boy you were before marriage. It may not seem like it, but wives expect certain affection and appreciation from their husbands, no matter how small the work they do.

Perhaps at the end of the day bring her some roses or take her to dinner in a romantic setting.

It should not be extraordinary as long as the gesture shows affection, your partner is happy for it and he also keeps rewarding you with the same feelings.

Listen To Your Partner

Whether you like it or not but women have a period of being emotional. It is a part of his nature and as a good husband, it is your role to listen to him and pat him on the back when he has problems.

There is a need to ensure when to criticize and when to become a mute-deaf board for your problems.

Leave Something for Yourself

Being a good husband does not mean that you must always be accountable to his needs. Remember that marriage is a partnership so sometimes your wife should give one way instead of another.

To do this, do not be afraid to talk to him about your problems and insecurities. Open up and a good wife will give you the same support and love that you have shown her.  

Let the Small Things Go

Don’t hold on to the little stuff. Everybody has bad habits and chances are you have some that he doesn’t like. If it’s incompatible, just let it be.

To ignore the problem becomes repetitive, only then bring it up. However, give this observation in a non-confrontational manner.

Honor the Vow

Husbands are required to love their wives, protect them, and remain loyal to them, so they should follow the same.

Physical aggression is never the answer and cheating can be disastrous for any relationship.

Never even talk about your wife to trusted friends behind her back. If you have any problems, first tell them about it.

Imagine how your wife will feel if she finds out about the complaints in your relationship with a third party.  

Maintain Physical Intimacy

Physical intimacy is an important part of any marriage, so be sure to keep the fire burning in the bedroom. Certainly, they are not the only suggestions about becoming a good husband.

When it comes down to doing it right, however, being a good husband means being able to communicate well with your wife.

Letting her know how you feel and being receptive to what she feels makes it easier for both of you to adjust and compromise as a couple.  

If Your Marriage Is Not a Dream Come True


not a dream come true


Creating a real relationship requires real effort, real intent that survives all the trials your enemy throws at you. You have to know about his plans, and you have to know how to fight them.

If you ignore them then your problems will not go away. Often one of the biggest problems is that people have too many passive tendencies.

They are surrounded by a deep sense of insecurity and self-doubt. One cannot become a good husband and lead his wife effectively until I seek his treatment in these areas if I do not believe in whom God has made me.

I cannot gain that confidence unless I have the confidence to take him out and lead.

A successful marriage is not an easy one. It takes a lot of love, patience, and respect. If a person does not have one of these qualities before marriage, then they really need to find them.

Two people do the work of marriage. One cannot hold power, and the other is their principle. As with anything, patience is a virtue.
Mistakes will be made, but they can also be eliminated with time and patience. There are all kinds of reasons people divorce.

The main reason is one or both have changed. Did they really change? Or, as time progresses, irritability increases.
Can every marriage be saved?

No, each has its own set of circumstances. My suggestion is, it is important to at least try. Both sides should first try to identify the problems. Do not talk to other people about your marital problems, but discuss them openly with your spouse. You may wonder what communication can do.

Sign That He Is Not Ready To Tie the Knot


tie the knot


If you are probably in the middle of a relationship that is looking to bring it to the next stage that is unique to other people in the past and you are sure that you need to spend your entire life with him.

The idea of ​​marriage can be somewhat scary for some other people, despite how nice and warm they can be with their girlfriends.  

Therefore, you need to make sure that he is fully prepared to settle with you. If it is not, then below are some hints to let you know that you should take your time and not rush things-

No Discussion on Future Plans

There is no financial strategy for both of you. Marriage is about being able to live with each other and help each other through the good times and the bad, even financially.

When it comes to relationships, money is always likely to be a deal-breaker and will have to be talked about before any wedding plans come to mind.

Will you both go to your job? Is a joint account likely to be created in the near future? Who is likely to pay monthly expenses? These are cases that are highly serious and should be carefully planned.

Not to Discuss Some Disastrous Experience in The Past

There are some things in the past that need additional discussion. If he is not ready to tell about himself yet and you want to be patient about it.

So this is not a good option because there may be some devastating experiences in the past that still need to be discussed, such as a prior love affair, a criminal history, psychological difficulties, or other circumstances.


Remember that there are no complete relationships, but with the cooperation of both parties, it is entirely possible to marry happily.

It plays a big role in success, but we blindly enter love. This is why later when we can see clearly again, things do not look the same.

Most importantly, love your wife. If you love her then naturally being a good husband will follow some essential rules. Be creative and imaginative in your thoughts to rekindle the flames.