11 Different Types of Friends Best Explained

This article Different Types of Friends explains types of friends. Although we and you meet many different people in your life and befriend.

Friendship with someone keeps going for a long time, some disappear as soon as they turn their face, then we feel lighter by sharing our happiness and sorrow with something.

11 Different Types of Friends
11 Different Types of Friends

As is a great statement that your selection of friends reveals your personality about who you are. In a way, our friends themselves act as our own reflection. They definitely help shape us who we are and provide guidance in the paths we choose in life.

Friends help and change us for the better in many ways. So if you are with a group of good people then this is a great positive thing in your life.

You will be surrounded by many people around you who will call themselves your friends. It is necessary for you to identify your friends how much do you trust someone? There are six types of friends you will make in your lifetime

11 Different Types of Friends

1. A Good Listener

If you have a friend who ends up hoarding your mind’s dilemma, it’s probably because he is a good listener as a friend. He is a friend his friends can trust and openly talks to him about their dark secrets and even guilty pleasures.

This shows that in the true sense, not only are their worthy friends, but other people also accept him as a better person and because of this, others also see him as a confidant.

He not only listens well but also knows appropriately how to be supportive and when to give his full ear.

2. Extra enthusiastic friend

This type of friend in your life can make you look crazy. They kick you out of bed at 3 in the morning just because they think it’s time to take a walk. You find them dancing when everyone is tired.

They make you laugh a lot during the conversation and don’t care to stop who everyone is watching. Though you can see them getting exaggerated at times, you should admire their cynical view on it.

Additionally, they often push you into things that you would never dare to do yourself and it is free, to say the least. If you want a friend of this kind or you do not want to let your impurity exceed the common knowledge.

Understand that when you want to do something crazy with your friends and you want a break from the boring routine, then you can welcome it.

3. Fearless Daring Friend

A person is probably your daring friend. they are boldly bold, wild, vibrant, and outrageously funny. They are fun friends and love adventures.

Although the two of you are not usually familiar they often come into your life and you don’t mind as long as they please, because it is always a blast.

They are also the life of any party. They show you how to have fun and they are always down for a good time. No matter what it is. Maybe they invite you to have a spontaneous adventure with them, be it a fancy party or a 24-hour road trip. But it will be memorable.

The intrepid adventurous friend may not be the most reliable or stable for you. But you know that it’s exciting to be around him and you can have a lot of great stories about time spent together.

4. Soul sister-friend

11 Different Types of Friends
11 Different Types of Friends

If you have not met this type of friend in months or even years, but never become a factor every time you take time out. Neither of you feels awkward when meeting after a long time gap.

Whenever things happen to them they face each time. No one can be a better friend than this. But if you have someone like that with you, then you are very lucky indeed.

5. The Mirror

With this friend, you share your interests and beliefs. Both of you have the same type of interest and even have the same taste in movies.

They are sure to update you about all the latest things that both of you enjoy together. Therefore, they are called glass because you can see their glimpse in them. They are just like you.

6. Secret Guard

No matter our age, this type of friend is most needed in our life. The secret guard is the one we tell all our deepest and deepest secrets. Whether it is during a quiet lunch or in the middle of the night.

They are trustworthy, sympathetic, and fiercely loyal to you. All you have to do is ask and they are ready to lend an ear or a shoulder to cry on. They can also give you great advice and can brutally treat you when needed.

They tell you what you need to hear that can help you gain insight into your situation. They will never use your secrets against you or judge you for those secrets.

Talking to them is easy, simple, and comfortable. Like, you are more open with them than anyone else in your life.

7. The Opposite

This friend also keeps friends with you and keeps challenging you. We all have strong views. The Opposite also has friends. So they question your beliefs.

This is how you find out your own thoughts, objectives, and viewpoints by having friends of this type do it to you. If you have such friends, then the thing to keep in mind is that you do not be too aggressive when giving your opinion because it can cause you to lose friends instead of holding on to them.

8. Mother figure Friend

11 Different Types of Friends
11 Different Types of Friends

Despite the mother’s name is not always female, but it is a person in the group who always tries to take care of everyone’s needs. He is present with his friends and keeps everyone ahead of him without ever asking for anything in return.

Friends of this type are incredibly selfless, kind, and caring for those around them. Unspecified, the group’s then mother, they turn to for help and support.

they look out for all their friends and usually stands first for you. When there is conflict, they will mediate and maintain peace in the group. They want everyone to get along.

9. Good Older Siblings

Have you seen a recent film or TV series in which a strong, reliable, intelligent older sibling plays the role of a good friend? Have you ever wanted to see someone like you?

Enter old siblings into your life the kind of friend who will do wonders to expand your opportunities while increasing your skills and knowledge.

They guide you through the stages of your life to ensure that you are going in the right direction but do not fuss or smoke at it. They teach you what they know and tell you all your best life hacks. They are like your cheerleaders and support team in everything you do.

They are also usually inspiring and inspire to improve. Because he considers it necessary for us, not because we feel inadequate. He has an affair and you probably see him as a big sibling to a friend.

10. Social butterfly

11 Different Types of Friends
11 Different Types of Friends

This type of friend is always very friendly. They like to be around other people, and people like to be around too. Whether it is a new neighborhood or school or a new club first built on joining a new social environment, you are welcome and they will introduce you to everyone they know.

They are infinite. When you are sad, think, and always try to make you happy. They like to get together with everyone and make sure that everyone is enjoying themselves. Look around you and recognize a friend who may be a social butterfly in your circle.

11. Faithful Friend

A friend last but not least, we have a Faithful best friend. That golden person who has been stuck with you through thick and thin for years.

You can call them for emergencies because you know that regardless of the situation, they will always be there for you. When you need them most.

You share so much with such a friend that you feel more like a family than a friend. He is the first person you want to tell when something good happens and they are through your best and historical-worthy moments on your behalf.

Whether he is watching movies at home, or going to a party or on holidays you like to spend time with him. Even if you are separated or are not currently in your life, a loyal best friend is definitely a friend you will hold in your heart forever.


If you have all kinds of friends in your life, then you are indeed very lucky. True friendship is a rare and precious gift so do not take it lightly. Let them know that you appreciate them.

Can you think of the people who are in your life or fit into these roles, how do you think you are for others? You are probably helping someone and don’t even realize it.

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