Domestic Violence: An Ugly Truth


This Domestic Violence: An Ugly Truth behind Some Relationships short article is based on domestic violence, which has tried to focus on its various aspects, symptoms, and solutions. First, let’s see what is domestic violence?

domestic violence ugly truth
The honest truth about domestic violence is that this fight is a series of skirmishes, with fatalities and near-suicidal incidents in the midst of major conflicts and wars. There is no happy medium. There is rhetoric when jealousy is at its heights and hurt by all sides and tactics. The pair is not on earth to be peaceful and happy. They have a hidden agenda to be cruel to someone that allows them to be cruel and harmful to them.

There are people who misbehave and mistreat people. Fall under the category of domestic violence. Psychological domestic violence is sometimes called abuse.

Domestic violence is any behavior that is threatening or violent. There are many symptoms of domestic violence such as –

  • verbal abuse
  • Threatening
  • Pressure tactics
  • Keeping your money
  • Taking the car away or making false statements about you
  • Preventing your friends and family from seeing you.

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Domestic Violence Is a Serious Problem

domestic violence

Domestic violence is mostly a hate affair and any stander must ensure that he always walks on the opposite side of the road to a happy life at all times. People around do not consider interfering with these two crazy people a great way to pass the time. Unless one of them cuts and shoots each other. They do not want to get involved.

There is a disease that they cannot describe in any sensible way, nor diagnose nor follow. It needs to talk on the other that one calls his love wrong, and next to the culprit. His feelings go very deep. It has a history of witnessing cruelty to their loved ones by their parents, or others. It has gone deep into his subconscious for some reason.

They use each other as punching bags because they can. Males are known to be bruised and highly aggressive, but female species are just as deadly. They do not know how to handle the situation they often find themselves in, but one thing that they know and is that they cannot live without harming the other partner.

Each domestic violence case is of a different type that must be handled with a child’s glove. Each case is special and cases are such that one cannot say which party is frivolous and more loyal nor is one more caring. In some cases, the person gives heavy love and attention and commits a tremendous amount of mental and physical cruelty. Each partner has serious emotional drama and demons that they themselves do not even understand. Individuals may engage in cruelty in the event of drink or drugs. Occasionally, they resort to drinking and drugs with friends.

They are in chit-chat mode with their favorite drink otherwise the rage ensues and after a while, you find them in a knockdown fight. In this difficult and ready time, they call each other loads of rejecting names and words. It is not good for people and children around. If their child, family, and friend get abused in their ears.

Warning Signs of Domestic Violence

domestic violence ugly-truth

Abuse that occurs within the confines of a personal relationship is called domestic violence. This type of abuse can be physical and it can be psychological in nature. Only those who can say for sure that they are being abused in their home and those who are abusing are signs that may alert you to the possibility that the person you identify and love is in your home. A situation of domestic violence is arising in India. If you recognize any of these signs and can reach them. So tell them that they are not alone and help is available for them.

Afraid Of His Partner

If your married friend is afraid of his partner, probably the number one sign that their relationship is not healthy or something is not right about the relationship. If you know someone that they do or are afraid of what they are doing in this regard, then you should try and find out if your friend is in a situation of domestic violence.

Control Over From Seeing Friends and Family

Spouse makes other significant efforts and prevents friends and family members from seeing. Often tries to cut off access to family and friends. So that they have more control over them. If the gift sent by a friend or family member or the offer to do things started to be turned down, or there could be a warning flag that something is not right.


Too Many Accidents and Physical Signs

 If you have seen too many accidents with your friend or neighbor. Victims often accidentally try to cover up the physical signs of their abuse with stories of falls, burns, and other things that might normally happen. Common injuries can include black eyes, broken bones, and finger bruises on the victim’s hands, neck, or other parts of their body.


Controls All the Money

 If a married person is unaware of the identity of the person who controls all the money including bank accounts, credit cards, and other access to the money, the household can be in the category of violence. Abusive people like to control and they can stop them from leaving the victim with finances. Often that person comments about money or a house.

Unwillingly To Change

 If your friend is under compulsion or unwillingly to change the way they wear their clothes or hair because that is what their partner wants then this is a cause for concern.

Mocked or Harassment

If someone is being mocked or harassed by their partner. Because abusive individuals often make fun of their partner harass them unnecessarily in front of other people. They may try to make it laugh as if it was a joke but you can guess by looking at the victim’s face that there is no humor in it.

Domestic violence can happen to people from all walks of life. Women who are victims of abuse often try to hide evidence of their situation from friends and family.

Effects of Domestic Violence

Over the years, domestic violence has become a serious matter for families, relationships, legal weddings, common-law marriages, dating relationships or friends with benefits. Changing the laws to make society more aware of the seriousness of domestic laws has given. Which can affect the life of a person or persons in the long term? The following interpretation is being done to clarify the reason for the circumstances of domestic violence –

Catches Their Partner with Someone Else

A relationship can initially manifest as being cute and feeling the opposite sex as one who wants to be with only one person in life. To elaborate more, if he or she catches their partner talking on the phone to someone else, or maybe that person is texting someone else or the person may start pretending to be opposite-sex jealousy with paranormal behavior.

Victim Feels Addict

There is not always physical abuse it can be mental, emotional as well as spiritual abuse. There are many ways in which an intoxicated person feels low self-esteem because he or she may be hollow inside. This is the mindset when the victim believes that he or she is the only person in life. In which the addict feels his victim and the victim must start seeking help to end the domestic violence that has been enduring for weeks, months, years.

A Number of Physical Illnesses

Often a person who has been abused for so many years needs to be consulted by a licensed physician and the advice of a psychiatrist for depression medications. Without it, others may be unable to maintain stable relationships. The effects of domestic violence are accompanied by a number of physical illnesses such as depression, weight loss, loss of self or identity, goal, dream injury.

Long-Term Effects Leads To Bad Results

The fact is that no stage of domestic violence should be taken lightly because its long-term effects can sometimes lead to death or life-long physical injuries in the end that the person can never recover from.

It is important to share with family, friends, loved ones, or co-workers.

What to Do If You Suspect Domestic Violence

domestic violence

Relationship Interference

Domestic violence is considered a hidden crime because many victims of domestic violence never report the crime. What should you do if you suspect that domestic violence is happening? This is a difficult situation because the question arises of interfering in the relationship. On the other hand, your friends or relatives may be angry with you for trying to interfere.

Assess the Situation

If you suspect that domestic violence is occurring, there are some things you can do to help your friend or family member. The first thing is to assess the situation. Do you put them in danger by confronting you about it? Make sure to be aware of their safety and talk to them when they are alone and significant others are not present nearby.

Offer To Attend a Support Group

Do some research on domestic violence. Offer to go to a support group or counseling session with your friend or family member. Feel that your friend or family member is not ready to leave their position at this time.

Judgment Honor

Many victims believe that it is better to stay in the same situation than to leave. This can be due to many factors and you need to respect their decision. If you try to force someone to leave them in a situation that they are not ready to leave, then you risk alienating them.

Media Outlet Interference

If you see or hear any type of situation, you think it may be an example of domestic violence, the risk of not helping in the situation that might interfere if you intervene. In addition to cases of unsuccessful attempts to intervene in media outlets, there are many successful cases that do not make media headlines. Call the police and explain what you are hearing or witness. Collect evidence This can help the victim set a record of domestic violence. When they pursue charges or ask for help.

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Effective Plan to Get Rid Of Domestic Violence


Domestic Violence: An Ugly Truth behind Some Relationships
Women getting rid of violence

When the person shares and tells that there are bruises and scars on his body. What can one do in this situation when their partner wants to live after this? Women often face difficulties in abusive relationships when it comes to children or they demand accountability of the partner’s acceptance and abuse. If the victim’s instinct is accurate then there are surprising changes in the state of mind and the reality can be excellent.

The potential for change can be both exhilarating and scary. When it comes to domestic violence, vigilance must be exercised in its efforts to reduce the possibility of danger. So here are some options in the hedge –

1) The safest way to get out of this is to insist on such a stop at the beginning when the victim has abusive words or physical abuse. Because jokes and dishonesty have a fine line that should not be crossed. Protect your honor.

2) If the situation has changed a lot then there is no discussion and there is no conflict. Now keep in mind that this exit should be done with the mind so that you do not get caught in the act. For example, when spouses behave well after behaving badly, you change because if you want to get out, it will not be quick and keep the mind calm.

Strengthen yourself from inside but remain calm because it can be very dangerous to get alone.

3) Before having a conversation with your partner, you should have a solid safety plan in place, as you can seek the help of your best friends and family members or consult a counselor to get out early to keep yourself safe. Establish boundaries between you and the partner. Essentially, you can declare that abusive behavior is no longer the status quo. It will no longer be tolerated and is unacceptable.

Additionally, you want to identify a medical option that will equip you with a means to follow the goals of your discussion.

4) Can bring influential people in the moment of crisis. While it certainly makes a statement at the moment, it cannot be a cure. If influential people are law enforcement it can open a door. If influential people, on the other hand, are close family or friends then it can inspire another path.

5) The important thing to realize is that your silence opens the door for you to align yourself with support. Breaking the silence is the first step towards breaking the cycle. No matter what you do to change the status quo, keep in mind that it should be executed as planned. It is necessary to make a safety plan for yourself and your children.
These are some of the things you want to keep in order as you begin to end domestic abuse in your relationship and in your life.
Once you try to fight domestic violence and adopt your chosen option, believe that you are on the path to reclaim and save you life.

Identify Effective Ways to Recover

Domestic violence is physical, sexual, psychological, or financial violence that occurs within an intimate or family-type of relationship and creates a pattern of controlling the partner’s behavior. Measures to emerge from non-obvious domestic violence to heal all domestic violence wounds –

Prevent self-blame. Take responsibility for current decisions and future decisions.

Stop isolating yourself. Build a support network and reconnect with people.
Stop talking and dismissing your feelings to talk to a friend or professional to understand their feelings and thoughts on the situation.
Stop identifying yourself as a victim. You can join a support group so that you start taking control of your life and make choices that benefit you.
Stop the cycle of abuse. Get help, and learn healthy ways of working in the world.
When you are surviving domestic violence it is important to identify the medium through which you have proceeded and then deal with your feelings before proceeding.

Neglect and not talking about the experience can make recovery difficult and longer. At the same time, make sure that you do not talk about the experience and do not get caught in the repetitive cycle of unwanted thoughts and feelings. Whatever approach, you take. Be prepared to let the experience go.


However, this domestic abuse incident is an expression of a particular type of psychological disturbance, and some psychological illnesses express themselves exclusively in acts of violence. The domestic violence victim may not know what is wrong and he may have seen this happening in his home or relatives since childhood and it can be a common thing for him, hence it is also called a mental disorder. Psychological disturbances cause domestic abuse.

If the partner wants to change their behavior, they need therapy and anger management classes. These are two loving souls who cannot live without the other. They must make an effort to save their relationship.

Their only solution would be to go to their separate corners and think with a cool mind. They may need a counselor.

If you are in an abusive relationship characterized by control and verbal or physical abuse, want to understand the dynamics of domestic violence and the psychological state underlying that event, then recognize your position, and the more you know, the easier it is for you Is that you can identify your best path.

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