I am Fat! Can I Still Get a Boyfriend Prince Charming?


This article is about thick girls that the fat girls have the right to love and even thick girls are also can get prince charming. It tells how a pearl girl can make successful dating and if you are a fat woman it does not mean that you cannot join a relationship.

I am Fat! Can I Still Get a Boyfriend
I am Fat! Can I Still Get a Boyfriend Prince Charming


In today’s world, the percentage of obese people has increased very much. They can be seen in the office, malls, college classes and overweight girls at various other places. Overweight people have the right to love and in return for love.

The overweight girls have to face embarrassment in every area and in many places. They are made fun of friends and classmates. Even then, thick girls have come forward in different areas; they are achieving success in different areas by reducing weight by keeping the fitness priority in mind.

Here we are going to discuss some different points in mind that with the help of thick girls can recognize their love and even find –

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5 Points to Attract People towards You

I am Fat! Can I Still Get a Boyfriend
online dating


Online Dating Service


Today, people around the world are currently using online dating sites. People of all ages are connecting with a large number of different caste, color, and state of the people.

There are some online services which have the option of meeting the needs of different age groups or obese people.

If you are a little overweight and cannot find a suitable partner, then through these amazing dating sites you can definitely help you find your ideal match.


Keep Confidence


God has made every man beautiful, whether it is blonde or black, thick or thin. Do not pay attention to others’ comments if you are fat, it does not mean that you are ugly. Some fat girls suffer from low self-esteem by other classmates or colleagues by hearing negative comments about their personality because they consider themselves very ugly.

If you are an overweight person, do not feel sad or insecure. Have fun with the fun moments in your life and have fun with your friends. Such a happy personality can certainly attract people to you.


Choosing the Right Apparel



I am Fat! Can I Still Get a Boyfriend right apparel
choosing the right apparel 

Being fat does not mean that clothes always wear loose and hanging clothes. The selection of garments should be done according to the objectives and wear clean clothes in the right way and refine your personality. Wear clothes that suit your body type.

Do not wear figure-hugging clothes just because they are in fashion, but should choose such a way that even the fat girls can look amazingly beautiful.


Participate in Parties and Social Activities


People who are overweight are shaken out of the house so that people do not make fun of them anywhere. But attending social programs and parties can meet new and different people and get an opportunity to meet their thoughts. To adopt the reality of your obesity.

Get out of the house and have fun with friends If possible, go to a club or bar and try to do exciting things. Joining clubs can give a new experience.


Show Interest in New Hobbies


Happiness in a human being provides a personality that differentiates it from others. It enhances the personality of a person’s personality. Therefore, it may engage in some hobbies or activities to show them better. Join a singing, dance or painting club.

These activities will greatly improve your personality. Apart from this, hobbies may also be included in exercise, yoga or jogging.

These tips can definitely help in improving personality and finding an ideal match.




Feeling Insecure


Self insecurity and self-doubt towards self is within the natural human limit of emotions and cannot be completely destroyed at all. Anyone who has overweight people cannot change the perception, but if such situations occur in front of their partner or friends, then there is no need to oppose them.

Allow your intercourse to notice or see and when unsafe thoughts come and then let them just pass over your mind like floating water.

Persistent insecurity makes the person mad and in some way reduces the feeling of your ego. When a self-confident man entertains his unsafe thoughts, it seems as if you are a bottomless pit that can never be filled up, no matter how much the assurance can be found. This is because it is an illusion because it is an illusion. An illusion can never be cured. To face insecurity related points are mentioned below-

1. If it feels as if you look fat in a particular costume, then it may look harsh, but it is a reality. Not all clothes are for all types of bodies. Stay with the clothes you know that look great on you and display your property. Go through your closet with a trusted friend and edit it below so that you think that if you look fat you are not an option.

2. Here is another important point, no matter how thin you are, successful or attractive, the unsafe thoughts go away. That’s because you can never solve internal lies with external reality. It prefers to treat symptoms rather than treating the disease. The way to heal the ease of insecurity is that when you feel insecure, in other words, do not oppose it, that is, do not pay attention to that too.

3. Move your focus away from what is happening in your environment by removing your focus from unsafe thoughts. It means that where your attention goes, energy flows, energy flows If you only notice insecure thoughts without taking them personally or to mean anything to them, you will find that they are often less frequent. You also strengthen your ability to be present and busy in your life, which is the key to highlighting your authentic irresistibility.

4. To be honest with yourself, you can train your thoughts seriously and personally not to take unsafe views seriously.


How do I know my Boyfriend Like or Love me

I am Fat! Can I Still Get a Boyfriend love
my Boyfriend Like or Love me


Does my Boyfriend Loves me


Just to understand that your lover loves you, then it is likely that you are wasting your time. Not because he does not love you, but because there is no way to answer it in the periphery of your own head.

Therefore, paying attention to every conversation, analyzing every gesture or comment and estimating that delay in response to your text or your phone call means that it is not that you are not important at all, lightly take it.

There are some simple steps that can help you stop speculation and enjoy your relationship-


1. Focus on the Feelings and Actions of the First Ones


To understand your relationship first, focus on your own feelings and actions.

First of all, ask yourself, are you present in this relationship? Or are you just trying to please your lover and manipulate it through your actions or are trying to tell you what you want to hear?

If you share your feelings while starting your work with your truth and whatever you enjoy in life and express it, then your communication can be better as a couple.


2. Do Not Expect an Immediate Response


If your boyfriend is thinking of something that means that when he says that he loves you or if he still loves you, instead of thinking of it, express that you have a sincere and straightforward relationship How do you feel about

Do not expect immediate responses. Remember that you are sharing your emotions, offering a kind of gift to him and also not giving gifts with the expectation of getting a gift back.

The most important thing is that do not frame it as a negative. That is, sharing his positive feelings about the relationship, inviting his positive feelings about the relationship, instead of starting a conversation about how you think that he now loves you.


3. Such Open and Wonderful Communication with your Lover should be


Process your concerns with anyone other than your lover. Ideally, there should be such open and wonderful communication with your lover that you can share your emotions and fears all over the moment. However, most relationships involve couples to help their friends, counselors and family sort through their emotions.

It is important to find someone who can put enough intentions to help you understand your role of uncertainty in the relationship. You can trust and trust whom you can trust. With the help of such a person, it can help to organize your thoughts and feelings, and in reality, the drama that is going on your head can separate itself from it.


4. There are various types of Unlimited Tools on the Internet


You can consider an online assessment to organize and analyze your relationship anxiety. There are various types of unlimited tools on the internet which are essential and can be used to find out if my boyfriend loves me.

These assessments can help you overcome hundreds of questions that you do with your mind, with the answer to a few dozen questions per day, which are the roots of your relationship concerns.

These tests cannot give a definitive answer, but they can give you enough evidence about what you feel and are looking forward to helping you so that you can make your decision playful, cyclical Instead of making a thoughtful reflection.


5. Fear and Anxiety and Suspicion are an Important Basis


Focus on practicing the authenticity of your love relationships honestly. If you need to talk to others or take an online love quiz to help you relax and understand your feelings about your relationships, take advantage of these options in every way.

But use them to help you find a place where you can be honest and present and communicate with your lover and enjoy your time together. In any relationship, there is an important basis for fear and anxiety and doubt, which fails.


6. If you Start the New Relationship then Open your Heart for Another Person



I am Fat! Can I Still Get a Boyfriend Prince Charming
start a new relationship

Healthy questions can be good for beginning a relationship and your lover wants to know you so maybe you can ask about yourself because you do not know each other well in a new relationship, so a little bit of insecurity The feeling is natural because when a person starts a new relationship, then opens his heart for another person.

Do some questions start running in your head as if my boyfriend respects me? Does my boyfriend want to live with me? Does my lover appreciate me? Or even, does my lover really like me?

Here are some real warning signs to pay attention to-

1. Separate the natural insecurity of the relationship, as my lover really cares, or, does my lover really want to be with me, which can be solved more easily with both communication issues.

2. with more troubling questions about faith, loyalty, and respect, like my lover too or even my lover is concerned? If you are uncertain about his true feelings, then it is time to take a closer look at that situation.

3. It is necessary to ask the question directly to your boyfriend whether he is honest with you. Or does my lover also want to be with me if you are not getting any sign? Does his eye begin to wander or he talks directly about his feelings? This is not a good sign.


7. Respect, Praise, and Love should Meet or Not


If you are still struggling to resolve through disputed emotions. The above points can give insight and impartiality to find out if you are you should get respect, praise, and love, whether he is getting or not.




No love relationship is complete. There is no problem in everyone’s life in the relationship, people are doing what they want to do, whether it is not in the interest of the other partner, but they are doing what they want to do because it is no right or wrong to talk about ethics here.

Do not let self-confidence fall within yourself. Being fat or slender is God’s gift. However, the habit of exercise and good eating habits can reduce excess fat. Yet if there is a failure in doing so, then no problem.

God has given each person different ideologies and every man has a different picture of his life partner. Not everyone should want a thin or a spouse, but some men are also interested in women of high weight and their relationship successfully passes.

So do not give up hope and keep looking for a true spouse with full confidence.

Because nothing is complete in human relations, the relationship is running such a thing on a daily basis that should be done properly.

By finding out what you want with your life because you do not want to look like stupid.

Stop thinking that you have an incomplete life, for this, you need people all the time so that you or others can fulfill your life to understand your understanding and expectations.

There is another view that to realize that there is no need for others to complete life, and then you will realize that relationships will be completely different together. It has to transform you, to transform, to share, not to be happy. Your partner will surely find you living happily in your life.

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