I Want my Ex Back Think Twice | Reason of Break-up


Today’s article is about getting the ex back in life with the desire to get back ex-boyfriend after the breakup, which states that after the breakup, thoughts have been circulated about the desire to get back an ex-boyfriend. Is the breakup really bad? Or to eliminate the relationship over time and give your partner the freedom to live with live and live life.

want my ex back think twice
want the ex-boyfriend back


Most have heard the steps in which these words are true to an extent. But those who are currently going through break up. They cannot see that light at the end of the tunnel.

Those who had the unfortunate experience of a bad breakup, they may be constantly related to the universal feeling of those who do not have food, not to see friends, or to have any desire to enjoy any kind of rest Stays here.

The main focus after a breakup should be how to move forward to feel normal, but if you are not careful, then you can unknowingly increase your pain for a long time.

If you can not completely separate yourself from the previous relationship and let your past relationship go completely, then only you can go ahead, have fun and get back your life.

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Avoid making these mistakes after the breakup

i want my ex back think twice reason of break-up
 think twice reason for the break-up


Avoid spying on your ex


First of all, avoid spying about your ex. You may feel the need to drive from your former apartment or job after the breakup. This way you can re-influence your progress to become a healthy person, what you see is the effective way to get rid of the pain of the breakup, depending on whether you have your attention in any other work As long as it takes time to leave bad habits.

i want my ex back think twice reason of break-up
spying on your ex 


For example – seeing you’re former happy, smiling with a careless attitude can be an impression that you have an impact on it, which can make you even more enthusiastic in depression. Worse, it is possible to imagine seeing your ex-partner with another partner, because of this anger and, in some cases, can cause uncontrollable behavior.


Stay away as possible with places related to the previous relationship


Another common mistake is to visit the places related to the previous relationship. For example, if you go to a particular park with your former or used to eat in a particular restaurant, then it is best to stay away as possible from those places. After the critical time has elapsed, hopefully, memories can be reduced by going to some places with their past relationship.


 Do not be alone, but chat with friends


Not only in this difficult time of the breakup, but it can be helpful to help friends to move forward and move forward. Although it may seem in vain because they cannot feel it yet, the best thing for you to do is to go out and talk to others. Undoubtedly, your problems will still be in your mind, but such attention to the past can be a bit disorganized.


A long-term project can also help


Taking a long-term project can also help in trying to move forward after the break-up. Writing a book or designing a website can be included in your plan as per your wishes. It may be best to start such projects in which you are interested. After some time engaging yourself in such a way, you can see that the pain that you were experiencing from your break-up was reduced or stopped.

When you are able to go through your day without having to think about your past, will you be ready to fully comment on starting a new relationship?


5 Treatment for heart breakdown in love

i want my ex back think twice reason of break-up
treatment to breakdown chat with a friend

Physical injury is recoverable through medicines in some time but surely there is no major pain due to heartbroken, hence you have lost a great love, how can you cope? The following are very useful tips for dealing with heart breakdowns:


Face breakdown


Firstly accept your pain in the first stages of relationship breakdown. If a person gets hurt in his leg in an accident then it is expected that he will be hurt for a while and after some time you manage your life around it. It is similar to emotional pain. To face heart breakdown, keep your heartbroken for a while. If nature completes its course, then it becomes easy.


The emotional injury does not recover soon


Treatment with emotional pain is like a rollercoaster ride, not a straight line. While a bodily injury gets better every day, emotional injury is not as quick as that. To get back to your good days, you have to run a race, so keep trying. Do not ignore them, and then you will know that you can better cope with heart breakdown.


Your anger can put you in a lot of trouble


Anger and disappointment are very bad feelings. If you have been left out, it is quite reasonable to feel angry at this point. Even then, it does not mean that they feel physically or emotionally offensive. However, do not add yourself to crime because of anger. It can put you in a lot of trouble even in jail.


Anger is a part of a heartbeat pain


Anger is a phase after breakup through which it is probably decided for everyone to pass. This is part of the pain of heartbreak, but this is not the only answer. It takes too much energy to stay angry and important time is wasted in it. The only reason for which is the person who hurt you. After a while, you will get bored and tired of being angry. So look at the signs of that and welcome it to move forward.


The process of collecting positive sentiments


Finally, the process repeats every day that every night, before going to bed, let your mind go back from your day and find at least three good things that happened to you today. It is probably as simple as a child smiles at seeing you or a rainbow, a cuckoo or some tune that you like to listen to on the radio. Write it down. Collect these happy moments in a notebook that you put on your bed.

So here you will have a thousand great memories and when you continue to reach these positive emotions, you will understand the beauty of life. In this process, you can get a new experience. Which includes your love life too?

It is the best mechanism that instead of tolerating it, think of how to deal with heart breakdown. Remember, the biggest change is a big success and when it comes to heartbreaking, then that success is defined as your personal happiness.


To get Ex back with maturity cases

i want my ex back think twice reason of break-up
be mature think and grow to have a relationship

The underlying cause of the breakdown of any relationship decreases in the ability to maintain permanent relation from one or both of the people involved and often the inherent cause of inability is immaturity –

1. Being mature as a human means to be fully prepared as a person and to be in a position of readiness to acquire some part of the values ​​within himself. The mentality of a mature person is such that he is at the highest peak. From where this person sees himself in relation to others. He has the necessary qualities to build relations on the basis of common interests and he wishes to grow and expand knowledge of himself and others.

2. A mature person seeks a relationship in which he can love others. To seek a relationship is to love someone when they search for a relationship is in the form of its goal, love is already on the path of the rock, in which there is no intelligent finding to recondite at every turn.

3. The mature person refuses to be over-believing from the beginning and refuses to compromise to get love from another person. Most people sometimes call transient love, physical attraction, and attention to others, but this love does not happen. Often this happens under the pretense of finding love.

4. When someone says, I love you. This may or may not be a true statement. Although both parties can believe in it at that time because they love unconsciously or even consciously.

The direct meaning of this statement can be that I like the feeling that I get when I meet you. Whatever they feel for each other. Relationships in which the two men have reached maturity level, which allows them to communicate effectively in moments of words, physical and silence. Such relationships are permanent.

5. Think honestly on the level of your relationship and the type of relationship. Considering that you should rebuild a broken relationship with a former wife or ex-girlfriend.

The last time you and a former crowd in your room also shared mutual love in that brief glance.

The last time you told your ex-do not plan for cooking tonight I’m taking you to eat somewhere and then to the theater.

Last time your ex had actually done something that only showed you the feeling of love for you.

6. How many times have you proved your love to clean the dinner table and just spend time in her presence? Ever since your past came and sat next to you when you were watching a football game though she dislikes football. Still spending time together? Is your relationship a mature relationship?


Think about why you want an ex back


A breakup can be a devastating experience for some men because losing someone you have lived with for a few months, one year, ten years or more. Sometimes we realize that break-up is the most intelligent decision and in fact, it is a good thing.

There is a belief in the logo that break-up is always bad and it needs to be corrected. However, when looking at some reasons behind the breakup of reality, it is known that the relationship was not a healthy relationship from the beginning.

The question is not how do I bring my former wife back, but why do I want my ex-wife back? One of the first questions asked is to take you into this relationship –

1. The first time you saw the person about whom you liked something. His overall appearance, the way he smiled, the way he looked in your eyes, the way he shook his hand or the color of his hair that you saw. From which you used to feel connected? Surely what were you hoping to find the person of quality or object to meet your needs when you first saw it?

The answers to similar questions should be taken back in the first encounter. If, in fact, the answer motivates you to end the causes that you had felt that you are attracted to him, then you had sown the seeds in the rocky ground before a relationship.

2. Secondly, you were not looking for a woman whom you were looking for an object and did not endorse with objects. Tired of playing with a relationship or you think that the human relationship in the rocky or poor ground is in danger of breaking down.

3. Think about why you raised this relationship forward? Is it because of the manner in which he feels happy because of his presence?


  • Did you pursue the relationship through talks and shared hobbies and interests?
  • Was there personal physical highlights or was it stopped for the future?
  • Did he behave like a person with you when other men were attentive to him or used to seduce him, did you become angry with it or was it because of this that you started loving more?
  • Did you pursue this relationship because you had a deep desire to take care of it and live with it because you wanted to grow in your love for him?

The main point of all the rest is that did you pursue that woman because you wanted to love or because you loved her and wanted her to grow for her? Answering this, all your efforts will be understood when it will be tried to get back.


Bringing EX back – How to Win Frustration

i want my ex back think twice reason of break-up
to win frustration feel happy with friends

It happens with almost everybody that when their relationship ends, there is often a reaction to the disappearance of another person. Sometimes they can remember the other person so much that they actually feel physically ill and sometimes they become physically ill, in which the cause of headache or nausea is due. Do the pain. This is a real physical response to the physical absence of another person.


They want to come back together again.


Broken hearts in love often think that they can come back together again. If they spend time together then things can be cured. Sometimes beggars come back or allow coming back in the relationship. Most people want reconciliation in the relationship because they are all afraid of pain.


Anger and frustration is interconnected


Sometimes the pain of breakup becomes a burden, which gives birth to anger within a person. That is why a person wants to hurt another person. We have a loose vision of truth. The thing to understand here is that the feeling of anger arises from fear and seeks ways to hurt another person. In this the person pity himself and we think to waste time. Do not accept any blame for your breakdown.

You can have two options, either you can choose to continue this route or you can choose to have a sincere honest look and start walking in the direction of reconciliation.


Prepare a list of what is lost in your life


The question is not just what is missing from your life at this time that you want to get back. If you think you can prepare a list that is missing in your life. Do not stop writing until you have written everything that comes to mind.

This list is a list of emotions and keeps writing until your head becomes clear and your heart rate starts slowing down. It may be that the hot tears have sunk in your list and it is good because tears remove the pain.

Do not use alcohol, medicine or sympathetic foods to reduce your pain, they can make matters worse. You are ready to live through pain to experience happiness and fix yourself.


Create a new list and reconsider


Go back to the list you created Read it again and check each item again. Any person, whatever you have got in your life can be anything, object or success.

Just create a new list of those items and give the number to this new list based on the importance of each. Now which of the things in this list are you looking complete and which items are you feeling inadequate?

Based on the results of this final analysis, the question arises: Do you need this person and are you ready to change and make a commitment to compromise?

In the end, invite your ex-wife or girlfriend to a place or place for a conversation. Share what you have learned about yourself. Find reconciliation if it is right for you, ask for forgiveness and offer forgiveness so that you can give a new dimension to the relationship.


5 easy steps to get your ex-boyfriend back

i want my ex back think twice reason of break-up
change the attitude do not be overwhelmed

If you have recently suffered from heart breakdown and depressive breakup, and you are able to find yourself out of your miseries, you are searching for ways. So in reality, dealing with a breakup is difficult. Especially if you are absolutely sure that your love for him will never fade. There is still a chance for him to win back.

Due to breaking up even though there has been much sorrow and trouble, but do not allow breakup to control its life. Instead, let’s consider what I can do to get my ex-boyfriend back, in this regard, the following is a summary of different ways –


Find out the reasons for the breakup.


Find out the reasons for being separated from your partner. If the topic of the quarrel is due to your attitude every time you need to change your behavior with it. If this is because you are too sensitive and miserable, or maybe you are moody, it may also be that your partner does not know how to please you now, then try to learn.


Change your attitude


Although it may be difficult to accept, your behavior has inspired your ex-boyfriend to find such girls who are more beautiful, intelligent and attractive than you. Try to make yourself a presentable by cutting or styling your hair or wearing a new set of clothes. In addition, erase anger, irritability, and pride in your behavior.


Do not be frightened and unhappy with the presence

i want my ex back think twice reason of break-up
unhappy lady with presence

Whenever you see him, do not be frightened and unhappy with his presence. Show him how positive you are to cope with the breakup, and in fact, you have not done anything bad with you. Even if you see the friends wandering with one set, then do simple and casual work.


 Want to spy him


After the breakup, the way you feel your partner lacks and wants to spy on. He will also miss you. But there will be no first person to call. If the call and meetings have not been long since the breakup, then your ex-boyfriend will surely miss your voice and your presence.

Not listening to you for a long time, only he will remember you more and he will be ready to call you soon to see what you are doing.


Do not be overwhelmed when you face it


If you face accidentally due to your ex-boyfriend or he calls you, do not be too excited or too excited to hear his voice. Perform casual and keep the conversation short. Try to stay away from him and make him feel that he is a stranger to you.

These suggestions can be very helpful and effective, but for now, it is time that by doing all these things it is certain to challenge your ex-boyfriend to win you back. Before long, you can come back together again.


On the return of ex-lover, the essential components in relationships

i want my ex back think twice reason of break-up
the mutual understanding of a couple in a relationship

1. Faith-based on our desire to share our life with others is an essential component in a relationship and our desire to prevent others from blaming is also an essential component in a relationship.

2. The desire to accept our mistakes and ask for forgiveness is necessary and should be sensitive and honest with the other.

3. When a relationship breaks down, it does not happen suddenly. From the beginning, there are signs of time so we should be more honest because we always assess our side of the relationship without blaming others. Accepting your broken promises and accepting your responsibility for an unsuccessful relationship.

4. The most harmful cracks in a relationship come from lies. It does not matter if the other person ever lied to you. Your habit of lying should be controlled. If it does not fix it, then it will grow and cause pain. The longer a lie lies between the two people in one place, the more common the place becomes.

5. A common cause of a broken relationship is to blame. Humans are so insecure that we easily give faults on others, for almost any failure, no matter how insignificant it is to other people.

Blaming others means that I do not have to accept my inefficiency. Saying that I am not guilty, there is a consolation for immature people.

6. In assessing the failed relationship, accepting the truth, accepting personal failure and then forgiving yourself is necessary which allows us to forgive the other person.



At the end of this article, I will say that if you’re former you come back in your life, repeat the mistakes of past mistakes and also notice the behavior of your partner that if you do not feel like going forward then you have not made any mistake again.

Life after a normal breakup and living, in general, is not the only thing about everyone, so if you are thinking of getting a former boyfriend back into his life, then think about the above-mentioned words once.

How do you feel about this article and agree with my viewpoint or not? Through our comments, definitely tell it to be shared among your friends and family.

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