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This article [Infidelity] My marriage made me do it. How true is this? It is about infidelity, in which it is often said that after committing infidelity, people blame their marriage, their partner or bad circumstances. Here we will take a look at some key points which factors are responsible for infidelity.

Infidelity My marriage Made me do it. How true is this
married women in infidelity

Some of its aspects are in the form of – being in a relationship with your partner can be romantic chatting with someone else, a love story, a paid interlude, or a physical one night. Most men commit boredom and infidelity to count numbers. At the same time, most women commit infidelity to overcome their loneliness and to meet their physical needs.

We can see some form of infidelity directly and some understand it after a time interval like – sometimes there is a debate on the birth of children between couples and the question arises as to who is the child or property sharing. Time for some new candidates to appear. Whatever be the reason, but why feel happy even after committing infidelity.

Today, the percentage of infidelity has gone from 30 to 70, out of which, 95 percent of people consider it bad to lie to their partner by committing infidelity, but hardly all of them would do the same when they got the opportunity to commit infidelity.

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Key Points to Explain Marriage as the Cause of Infidelity

Infidelity My marriage Made me do it. How true is this
cause of infidelity the couple

If you ask someone what is the reason they are having an affair and you can hear something like this-

Point 1

I have a bad marriage. Which has no intimacy and no excitement? Love is gone our relationship is now old.

I could not tolerate marriage and just had an affair.

Point 2

We were once called the idea of marriage or romantic relationships. But now films, popular public press and romance novels/stories do not help much in keeping our relationship ideal.

Point 3

Marriage is a related way in which each person is responsible. Those who marry without understanding its true meaning correctly. After some good time, it seems as if the married animal has gone badly. Shouldn’t have married. It has a life of its own. Actually, there is no such thing as marriage for these people. One is married as a result of making and signing certain promises

After the paper is signed, two people continue. In particular, they communicate and act towards each other and they hope to help them achieve what they want in person.

Point 4

If the marriage is dead, then the failure of one relationship will lead to another love affair. The equivalent of jumping into a frying pan in a fire. It sounds really stupid. You add a whole layer of deceit and eventually shame. The consequences will be more serious than contacting your spouse.

Perhaps some people need more problems and sufferings.

Point 5

Even after marriage, some people only want to show that they are free as before and there is no harm in committing infidelity. However, men and women who fall into this category, whose marital life is going well, still blame their marriage due to some old love or inclination towards a new attraction. What is the fault of the matrimonial partner in this, that he or she is unaware of the pain of impending infidelity?

Infidelity Vs Commitment

Infidelity My marriage Made me do it. How true is this
a lady committed in a relationship

To be responsible and accountable to someone, to promise, to be bound, to be devoted, to show loyalty and dedication is a duty to commit.

Commitment in a relationship means that you have made a promise and will remain faithful to your promise to accept responsibility for taking good care of your partner’s heart and feelings. Commitment is a conscious duty to do so.

Commitment is what I believe to be the most important part of any relationship.

What are some non-committed behaviors?

How do you know what is the commitment in your relationship? The only way that someone knows that they have a commitment from their partner is if they are exhibiting committed behavior. Committed behaviors are behaviors that will neither betray trust nor cause doubt in your partner.

  • Flirting with someone else

  • This includes spending time in chat rooms and forums to meet other people in the opposite room.

  • Do not want to spend time together, keeping secrets, visiting places where your partner is not invited.

  • Lying to your partner about where you are, not making sure that the old relationship is permanently broken.

  • This includes walking around or spending time with an old relationship partner.

  • One of the worst non-committed behaviors is whenever problems occur, threatening to leave or break the relationship.

  • There are instances where the partner may not know that their behavior falls in the above category. However, once pointing out why such behavior is causing problems, the partner should stop engaging with them and work on the issues.

An example – about a couple

I know of a couple who met in an online chat room. He played, molested and after a while, the man left his current relationship and went away with the woman. The woman hoped that she would stop going to the chat room with her new partner. He felt that it would be deemed that this was unacceptable behavior for him.

The person did not see anything wrong by going to the chat room as it had been his entertainment for a long time. Meanwhile, the woman felt that she could not trust her new partner, thinking that she was going to meet someone else and would leave him. I wonder if what his previous partner feels. Each had a valid point.

If this new system was going to work, something had to change. In a committed relationship, partners take into account each other’s feelings and work together to find a solution.

If You Help the Partner in Healing the Relationship after Infidelity

Infidelity My marriage Made me do it. How true is this
women healing after infidelity

No person in a relationship has ever declared that it will make your relationship easier after one relationship. If after infidelity you still value your partner and have no desire to get divorced. Your partner feels the same. They did wrong yet want to do everything possible to fix the damage. Which is commendable, but you can’t help, do you wonder why your spouse didn’t consider it before deciding to cheat.

Today, no matter how much they are trying to make things right, but their behavior has put the marriage in danger. Apart from dealing with shattered trust after cheating, there is immense emotional pain.

You cannot eliminate negative thoughts from your mind or just have a serious setback to your own self-esteem. You feel like you are going crazy, but still, you are determined to get past this so that you can save your marital relationship. But at this point, you have to take a step back to consider whether your reconstruction efforts actually work?

Below are some points that can be of great help when it comes to tracking progress-

1. Storm of Emotions

It is not uncommon that in relation to marriage after infidelity, interactions between you and your spouse can be very stressful. Still, if most of the discussion develops into shouting matches, there are certainly plenty of ways to go. If you both have chosen to live together and for this reason, it is necessary to fix the communication in two ways.

Undoubtedly your feelings are going to overwhelm you from time to time. The storm of emotions can also bother you. Yet you really want your partner to understand what your careless behavior did to you. But if that is the way it is going to be from now on then it will be the most difficult if not impossible to fix a marriage after infidelity.

2. Judge and jury

What your husband did was wrong. Regretfully you extend this to every part of the wedding. You act as if it is your duty to punish your spouse on everything. In a strange way, his infidelity has given you the power that you have never experienced before. Don’t just be the judge and jury, but see if there is a shortage from your side.

Their infidelity is the green light that you should take to the wedding.

Disorganized spouses can get out of this guilt, but chances are it won’t be the last. If this happens, they will get out of it in some time and return to their old habits. It is not that you have no right to feel your way. This simply means that you have to strike a balance within the marital relationship.

3. Self-sacrifice

You can question yourself why you should be the one to sacrifice anything after one affair. But if you want to save your marriage, then there will be occasions that you will have to take a deep breath and practice a little humility for the good of the marriage.

If you are getting overwhelmed by your wife or husband with their many household responsibilities, then help. Whether or not they deserve help is not the issue. The point is you are telling your partner that you two are together in this thing. It is a powerful indicator of marriage after infidelity, on the way to recovery.

The Word Cheat Does Not Do Justice

Today it has become a hot pursuit game. Where one partner cheats and the other feels that it is their job to catch them. This game can be violent or at least rob your health and purity. An additional relationship is a romantic and physical relationship that sometimes occurs between a brief period and two people who do not marry each other.

When someone has a relationship outside of an already established relationship, we use the word cheat for it. From my point of view, the word cheat does not do justice because you can cheat in cards, you can get cheat-codes to enhance your electronic game, and you can also cheat on your taxes and fine people in any way. It looks like you have somehow won or defeated the system if you run away with it.

Most cultures around the world use the term “kafir” to describe someone who has practiced betrayal or deceit has been disorganized or has betrayed or violated another person.

If You Are Ready To Fool Me How Can You Say That You Have Ever Loved Me

Many marriages and relationships break due to infidelity. It is not just sex with the other person; it is a personal betrayal that the innocent partner should not have got. To cheat someone, you have to lie and fool your partner.

  • The question is always asked if you are ready to fool me, then how you can say that you have ever loved me.
  • Self-esteem is destroyed because you feel that you were not enough.
  • The concept of your relationship is shattered. You believed that you were in a lonely relationship, you were wrong. You believe that both of you were looking for the same future, you were not.

Ways to Deal with a Guilty Partner

Infidelity My marriage Made me do it. How true is this
women – guilty partner 

This is the key to whether your relationship can survive an affair. Both have to take steps against infidelity at their own level but without a certain attitude, we cannot do it with both of them-

• It will have to be stopped as soon as the round is detected.

• The partner has to be willing to give the innocent the place they need to feel what you feel about this betrayal.

• The guilty partner must be willing to hold him or herself accountable for their behavior. No matter what, one rationalizes oneself. Personalize and infidelity is a personal choice.

• The guilty partner has no right to expect you to forgive and forget because even though you can forgive, you will never forget. So your partner will have to hope that your residual mood may remain for a long time after years.

• Above all, the guilty partner should be willing to answer all your questions in an honest and direct manner.

• The partner must be prepared to be accountable for their time, and now there may be some activities that they must quit.

• If the guilty partner needs your help to build their self-esteem, then be prepared for it. Ultimately, they have decided to destroy it.

• The guilty partner must be willing to bear the consequences of their infidelity without complaining.

As you can see, this list becomes more difficult than an act of infidelity. A survey of couples going through infidelity in their relationship has shown that 20% survive this terrible time in their lives. They develop strategies to deal with pain and they learn how to proceed.

If the guilty partner is not willing to work to fix this fad of trust, then you will find it very difficult to improve your relationship, let alone forgive them.

Would It Be Right To Be Physical After Infidelity?

I sometimes hear from people who get discouraged about changes in their lives because one of them cheated or had an affair. Often, they can’t help but notice that no matter how much time has passed and how hard it is to try, things just don’t seem the same. This may make them wonder if their physical lives ever feel normal or good.

I heard someone had an affair before. He has done a lot of work on the emotional aspect to improve their relationship. In this regard, confidence is gradually restored in things getting better, but it is difficult to say about the sex life. Will couples ever be able to normalize their physical lives after infidelity? Because I think it doesn’t get easier.

You Can Improve Your Sex Life Even After Infidelity

I can understand that things are getting bleak right now after facing infidelity. And I can tell you that you are not alone or unusual. It certainly makes sense. When your spouse got physical with someone else, every time you try to get intimate in your marriage, this thing stands between you.

But as hopeless as you may feel, I can tell you that a lot of couples restore their sex lives. Some work very hard on this because they do not want to leave their marriage unsafe again.

Despite these assurances, many people still insist that they have tried everything, but they don’t just think that a decent physical relationship is ever going to return to their marriage. If you find yourself in this situation, there are some things that you can see, which I will discuss below.

If things have not improved, for the time being, explore trust, look for any residual anger, and evaluate self-esteem-

Both have to let the walls fall

Good sex requires both vulnerability and confidence. Both have to be let down the walls. If you are a watchman or worried about what the other person is thinking, it is going to negatively affect your experience. And if your spouse sees that you are not enjoying yourself, then they themselves are going to second-guess themselves so that the negative cycle just continues.

In fact, romance makes both people better

Often, those are some things that leave the couple feeling independent and uninhabitable. Sometimes, there is still anger and resentment which means there is still some work to be done. At other times, there is still a lack of trust.

Some wives work very hard to restore their physical self-esteem and somewhere, they learn some new skills that really make both people better for romance. And at other times, the husband becomes a better listener and communicator and shows himself in the bedroom because, especially for women, feelings get tied up in your intimate relationships.

Finally, you should know about your self-esteem. You cannot be a good lover if you feel that you are not desirable.

After infidelity can regain a normal romantic and physical life

So to answer the question, yes, people achieve a normal romantic and physical life again after absolute infidelity. Does it happen automatically? Is it always easy? Not again. But it is definitely possible because having a really good physical is very important for a good marriage. And if there is a lack of intimacy in your relationship, you will probably wonder if your husband is going to cheat again.


Marriage is a love bond of an economic and mental bond that is prone to harm from infidelity. It is a matter of extreme thinking that some people may believe infidelity to be right in their eyes and for this, they will get excuses for blaming their partner and marriage. Here, if the person’s mental state is combined with emotional outlook, how can infidelity harm you and your partner. This, of course, raises questions about the fullness of your partner.

Even though every relationship is unique, there are certain rules that each partner has to follow in order to function properly. Selfishness destroys relationships. Selfishness means to consider your partner as your slave, to get your sayings done, not to appreciate his feelings and also to feel proud by infidelity.

It shows how a person betrays his or her partner to the momentous happiness that he/she had once chosen as his / her partner. So from my point of view marriage cannot be the cause of infidelity. If someone is really having trouble with their partner then it is necessary to discuss the problems at least once. It is in one’s own hands to cheat or not to betray their partner.

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