Learn How To LOVE. Is It Love? Or, Is It Lust?


This article is about to Learn How to LOVE. Is It Love? Or, Is It Lust? Are you in a serious relationship and want to continue that love affair? 

Learn How to LOVE. Is It Love? Or, Is It Lust?
Learn How To LOVE. Is It Love? Or, Is It Lust?

You may have heard small things from various sources to keep your love alive, but this article is presented with some new information on what it is to build a relationship that can be very good.

There is no love expert to explain this, so I can only speak from personal experience. 

Furthermore, none of the ideas are listed in any particular order because they all have significance in any relationship. But if listed by importance, the former would be TRUST.

Respect is perhaps one of the greatest feelings one person can have for another. There are certainly other important feelings, but if you don’t respect the person you’re with, you won’t love them for a lifetime.

Loving someone is not like loving a family member. It is much deeper than that. However, loving a family member can certainly be very profound if you have a relationship with them, which is a lot of affection and respect.

These days, questions arise every day. So many people around the world are searching for answers to succeed in their relationships. The most visible thing for a couple now is how many marriages are ending in divorce. 

What is the reason for all the drama in these relationships that is forcing the majority of the world’s population to be single but not committed?

Has entertainment on TV taken us to the point where we don’t want to agree, we don’t want to be faithful, and don’t want to? It seems people can date with as many people as they want.

This is not just with younger people who do not want to commit, now they are men in their 40s who are getting divorced, but get nervous thinking that the next woman will be as crazy as before. How do we stop the cycle of divorce and lack of commitment

This is not an exact answer to how love is done, yet there are some things by which women and men can awaken the love towards their partner, the partner will also discuss some other areas on the subject of love.

Relationship between Women and Men

Most women have given a lot of comfort with the rules of their relationships. Despite the fact that many women have a man, they are not willing to accept any treatment from the man because she is afraid of being alone. 

In the worst case, women die in abusive relationships because they continue the same routine, instead of walking out the door.

This life is priceless; it is time to get some respect, some commitment and genuine love for you.

God has not kept men to mistreat women or to keep them in the house all day and let them work.

But God has put men to be a savior, a king, and a lover. 

Therefore women also have to let them feel that they are on earth for the purpose. Man and woman have been born to combine beings to feed the man well, to love him well, to encourage him, and to ultimately make a huge impact on this earth. 

Learn How to Love | Men and Women Should Take Care in New Relationship

In order to achieve pure love in a relationship, men and women should take care of the following:

1. There should be no sex for 90 days because in the beginning sex spoils every moment. Only create good moments.

2. Do things socially. Like movies, dinner, go to the spa.

3. What did you like best while growing up? What is your favorite color? Ask questions like.

4. Discover what you like about each other.

5. Meet each other’s family. Make sure the two of you can plan together.

6. Talk about planning for the family. Check to see if your plans are the same.

7. Take a weekend off. Get out of your normal environment to find something new.

These are very small steps, but these 7 main steps will start the path to a beautiful marriage.

Learn How to Love | Six Ways to Handle an Unromantic Lover

New relationships constantly affect your new partner. This means that there will be many dates, night walks, park walks, and picnics. Your new flame will do everything possible to make you happy, one way or another. 

When entering a relationship, you surprise your lover with a romantic dinner, romantic weekend getaway, or serve your favorite breakfast in bed.

However, what happens when you end up with a boy? Whoever is not in touch with their romantic side and cannot distinguish between romantic and Unromantic gestures? It can be frustrating at the same time.

You cannot blame yourself for not being romantic, because this is not something you are born with. Being romantic is a skill. 

This is achieved over time, so do not criticize your man for what your ex or your friend’s boyfriends are doing for them. 

With time and a little direction, you will be surprised how much your lover can learn and how he can change.

With the help of these seven tips, you can either help or deal with an immoral lover in the gentlest way without hurting you. 

1. Communicate What You Expect

You should understand that if your lover is a little romantic soul and does not know what it means to be romantic. 

You shouldn’t expect her to know what you have to do to express her romantic side. Because he has his own way of expressing his feelings.

The best thing you can do is tell what you expect. This will help in understanding how things are done in the world of romance. This will help open his eyes and know what to do if you want to make him happy.

2. Do Not Judge Him By Strengths And Weaknesses

Do not let your romantic side question his affection for you. It is important that you understand that he cares for you and loves you, but he has trouble expressing his romantic side with mere gestures. 

As soon as you know this, it will become easier for you to deal with the problem in question. 

Younger romantic people see things differently from others because they do not feel what is romantic and what is not. 

You should be his guide and be patient with him. There is nothing wrong with your lover, he just needs some time and a little effort.

3. The Media Often Portrays These Good Husbands as Good Friends

The question was of a boy who said that women are constantly complaining that their lover or partner is not romantic enough and my answer was good. 

I wonder what these women expect, as the media often portrays these good husbands as good friends who are constantly romantic.

Portraying from Television

There are definitely many romantic types, but what people are forgetting, I think what these women can forget, that character from that movie or that TV show or that song is a character that they portray a person do. 

So if they are portraying this romantic man, he will often exaggerate and be stressed to play that part, now let’s go back to reality and say well, it is possible that some men may become more romantic. 

Not About Unrealistic Expectations

There may be some unrealistic expectations but are there other reasons why you think women might complain that a lover or partner or husband is not romantic enough.

4. Do Not Compare With Your Ex

Comparing your love with other men is the worst thing you ever did. It is painful for him to hear these comparisons all the time. Put yourself in his place and imagine how you would feel if he made the same comparison with you. 

Making these comparisons will only prolong the situation and hurt her feelings, but her goal is to open her eyes and guide her towards romance, not to hurt her in the process ahead.

5. Show Him What to Do

When it is understood what to do, remember to show how it is done. Plan a romantic dinner and serve breakfast in bed or think of something you always want to do together and then show how it is done. 

When you see what you have done, you can connect the dots and step in the right direction. Whatever you decide to do, tell him that he is proud of his small steps and his effort.

6. Get Ready To Compromise in Relationship

Be prepared for things you have avoided doing in the past. If your boyfriend loves sports and games, try to sit next to him and ask him how you want to play and enjoy these moments together.

You can create a romantic atmosphere regardless of your activities. When he sees that it is possible for you to do everything he really loves to do, he will be ready to do the same for you. 

He will stop making excuses when you are about to do something together and will always be excited to spend time with you. 

He will do everything possible to make you happy because he knows how much it means to you and your relationship.

7. I Appreciate Your Efforts to understand Learn How to Love

Never forget to appreciate your lover’s efforts because he will need your support to show that he is doing something right. 

Appreciating means being able to tell him that you are proud of his progress and that you are grateful for the things he does for you. 

You don’t have to do anything big to tell that he has done something right.

All the best things require practice and being romantic is no exception. If you continuously support your partner through your journey of transformation, then you wonder what the two of you can achieve together.

Learn How to Love | When You Speak Something Romantic

Sweetness Dissolves

When you are around people and things that inspire you, there is a huge tendency to gain a lot from inspiration. When two people are deeply in love and they care about each other, a great result comes out. 

Love has its own way and no one can fully explain it, it can make a troubled man forget all his demise. The feeling of a loved one brings a warmth that works with safety for you.

When You Speak

The word has the most powerful creative influence on the planet. If you want to close all the doors of opportunity in your life, then shut your mouth. 

Words are watering of your dream plants, after imagining a dream, you need to speak about them constantly and as you do, you release the most important support to mature your dream plant fast.

Our choice of the word matters a lot. Negative words have a sad impact on our life and positive words will fill us with happiness. The words you speak can quickly determine the normal state of your heart.

When I Hear You for Learn How to Love

The words we hear are like seeds. If we accept them, they find a place in our hearts to settle and grow. And if we do not, they are left as they were. If you imagine wrong statements in your heart, then you have polluted not only your heart but your entire system. 

It won’t take long before your character starts showing its fruits. Choose what you hear and discard what is immediately beneficial to your spiritual development.

Gentleness Comes To an End on Its Own

Greatness will reflect from your life when you fashion your heart in ways that do not conform to your principles. You can make yourself in a place where you don’t have to choose that your soul will not get satisfaction. 

If you keep the right people around you at all times, you will get to hear the right words and your life will be defined. 

It also goes to the kind of movies that you watch, the kind of clubs and associations you join. If any of those activities reiterate your soul, then leave them immediately.

Is It Love? Or, Is It Lust?

Many experts believe that in lust the couple does not care for each other emotionally while lust is the initial stage of love as physical attraction is found in each other. Let’s know what the difference between lust and love is.

1. Being stuck in the first phase of attraction is a form of lust when it turns into a long relationship, then it is called love.

2. Lust has physical attraction while in love we become emotionally attached to our partner.

3. People who are engaged in lust give priority to meeting physical needs among themselves, which is similar to dating. 

It does not last long while in love you will love your partner’s physical beauty and other qualities. She also praises and loves spending time with her.

4. Lust tends to diminish over time as they actually only join to meet physical needs and come together for some time while love gets stronger over time. 

In love, partners live as each other’s lifelong friends. Friend means being happy with each other and sharing ideas and living together in each other’s families, but lust does not show this quality.

5. The partners who are in lust always try to think of something new to think about, while the partner in love wants stability like lust is like a drunk, periodically awake and it increases the longing in the companions. 

One becomes like a disease of intoxication while in love it does not happen even when physical needs are met and even if they are not, it remains the same.

6. In lust, the partner is selfish while the love is selfless. In love, the partners help each other and help each other in achieving each other’s goals whereas in lust the partner only thinks about himself and not about his partner. 

It is limited to physical needs only. The quality of sacrifice is found in love.

With appropriate examples, you can understand whether your relationship with you or the people around you is of love or lust.

In addition, if you talk less with your partner, there are disagreements and fights each day, then it is not loving but it is a sign of a weak relationship that has a failing future.

Conclusion Learn How to Love

Make your sweetheart your best friend. This does not mean that you cannot have other friends. This means that you can be best friends with the person with whom you want to spend your life.

Give your partner all the space they need. Chances are both of you have likes and dislikes for all things and if you lose those likes when you finally connect with someone with whom you want to spend your life. 

By adopting these measures in your life, both your companions will help to establish harmony and respect each other’s needs.