Loneliness Can Kill You | 3 Factors


This article is about Loneliness Can Kill You. 3 Factors to know How to fight with it? As we know that man is not made to live alone but where man is making his identity in different areas, on the other hand, he is becoming distant from his own people.

Have you ever felt this way?  Are you struggling with these things?  Have you beaten yourself up for your inability to carry yourself normally in a social situation? You are not as awkward as you been made to believe.

You are yet another victim of Social Anxiety Disorder or Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and on this day, I want to assure you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Loneliness Can Kill You

In this article, we will learn how a man can overcome loneliness from his life and because it causes physical and mental distortions, so how can we get rid of it in time.


A study shows almost 45,000 individuals ages 45 and more seasoned who had a coronary illness or a high danger of building up the condition. Those who lived alone, according to the study, were more likely to die of heart attacks, strokes, or other heart complications over a four-year period than people living with family or friends, or in some other community arrangement. “

People never die of heart attacks, because of the closeness and associations inside their community.

Some researchers, 90% of diseases are related to stress. Loneliness is a great stress. We are social beings, not destined to live alone. However, our society is geared toward creating loneliness rather than connection and community.

While loneliness is great stress, there are also many challenges when it comes to living with others.

This is the thing that we often get with others

I would rather live alone than live with a controlling person. What’s more, I can’t discover any individual who isn’t destitute and controlling. Each time I get into a relationship, I wind up feeling hurt in one way or another. This is more stressful for me than spending my life alone.

The pain of loss is too great. I prefer not to risk it.

I’m doing well on my own, but as soon as I’m in a relationship, I give myself up.

Relationships are too hard and stressful. I prefer to be alone.

 1. To Fight with Loneliness first Understand the Factors



Often I noticed living with someone else is stressful but loneliness and being alone is more stressful.

The answer is to be open to learning about loving yourself. If it is more loving to yourself and much less stressful for you to be alone, and loneliness is not a big problem for you, then living alone can be your greatest good. But if loneliness is painful for you, then being open to learning about loving care in relationships is what love is to you.


Connections offer an unimaginable field for individual and otherworldly development. They trigger all unsolved and unsolved problems:

  1. Fear of rejection
  2. – Loss
  3. – Sinking
  4. – Conflict
  5. Fear of intimacy

That’s why relationships are stressful: they challenge us to deal with our deepest fears. And, by accepting this challenge, we learn and grow.

However, many people are as lonely in a relationship as they are in being alone, if not more. When people choose to protect themselves against their fears instead of learning from them, and when they choose to try to control others instead of learning to love themselves and others, it can be very lonely for both parties.

The only thing that creates a lack of heart attacks is care. When people care about each other. They take care of each other. They support each other and care for those who need care and they accept each other how they are.

So you keep save your loved ones from heart attacks because they feel safe, and the feeling of security takes away the stress that the disease causes. We should know that they will never be on the streets starving and will never get sick and will be left alone to fend for themselves. What would you give to know that the people around you and in your community support you? And that you have theirs.

This mutual care is what is lacking in much of our society, both in our primary relationships and in our communities. Without this care, we don’t feel safe. Even if we are good at taking care of ourselves, we still need to know that we are not alone, that others care enough to be by our side when we need it.

How can we advance towards the creation of solidarity communities? By being willing to do our own Internal Linking work so that we can open our hearts to each other.

 2. To Fight with Loneliness secondly make an action plan


3 factors of loneliness

People suffering from loneliness do not realize that they are in full control. Most don’t know what to do, or just don’t know where to find the support they feel they need to make changes. This 6-step process will show you the way. Reading is not going to be enough. You must commit to taking action. If so, you can end your loneliness.


Make sure you are not a doctor. Depression and social anxiety are two very common conditions that are often not diagnosed. If you are one of those who suffered loneliness with any of the conditions, you should know it.

Efforts to end loneliness may fail simply because of any medical conditions which you suffered from and don’t know about it.

Learn to get closer. Achieving requires you to move from a passive to an active lifestyle. Creating and maintaining a dynamic support network is your responsibility.


Live life like a student. People don’t think about investing thousands of dollars and several years to develop skills and knowledge to advance their careers, but they struggle to find the time or dedicate marginal resources to improve life skills.

Life skills will help provide tools to improve the communication and confidence necessary for you to take control of your life. Spend a few hours and a few dollars to read a book that can make you more positive, a better listener, and even a best friend or partner.


Making an action plan is a contract you make with yourself that identifies the steps you agree to take in an effort to alleviate loneliness.

Do a self-inventory. It will help you know what personal changes need to be made regarding lifestyle, personality, appearance, and attitude.

Take action. Remember that the meaning of insanity is doing likewise again and again and anticipating various outcomes. If something doesn’t work, so change it.


 3. To Fight Loneliness finally Understand There are many of us out there



Do you feel like this happens to you often?

It starts with aloofness and a tendency to stay quiet even when in groups, something that can quickly be mistaken for snobbery. It is also accompanied by an inexplicable aversion to taking part in activities, especially activities that will require you to work in teams with people you are not close to.


Fear for Strangers

Then, there is that inexplicable, mortal fear for strangers. You hate social places, you love your own company, would rather be left alone. Literally hate people. You-stick out like a sore thumb in a group, do not know how to fit in.

You wonder why people find it easy to make friends and why it is such a huge deal for you.  You are an adult for Chrissakes, at your age, you ought to know how to behave in a social situation, but you seem to miss it every time.


Always on your phone even in social gatherings

You are always on your phone even in social gatherings, it is your only escape. Wish you could do better, but it is either you use your phone or end up staring awkwardly at people and making excuses to leave.

Whenever you are invited to events, parties, forums, meetings, you turn them down, especially if you are not being accompanied. You won’t know what to do at those events, you won’t know what to say to people.

Soon, the invitations will stop coming in because you will be known as the one that doesn’t show up, or the one that gets bored in five minutes and leaves the party pre-maturely – the party-pooper. People think you need to get over it, people think you are just lazy and you are just unwilling.


You think too much  

Overthink every single thing on the face of the planet.  You overthink the simplest of things, from how to reply to a message that reads Hi (will saying Hi to be rude?  Is hello better, or will I sound archaic? If I say Hey will it appear too juvenile) to how your emojis will be interpreted.

You overthink the responses to every question you are asked, even the simplest question. Worrying will appear disrespectful, you worry you will appear rude, overly dressed, too enthusiastic, too unwilling -you just worry, you live to worry, it’s what you do.


You over-analyze situations

Because you want to be ready when they actually happen. You analyze every single word spoken by people and deduce the worst from them. Often you try to explain to people what you feel but they tell you it’s in your head. It’s a choice you just made.  How is it in your head when it is killing you! It is like getting mad at a blind person for not being able to tell colors red and blue apart, when in truth if they could they would recite the entire color wheel.

You think about every single thing that happened during the day or that happened ten years ago. You wonder if things would have turned out differently if you did something differently. Hindsight brings with it new opportunities to question your moves, everything that goes wrong is your fault. You could have saved it, but you didn’t, oh, why didn’t you?


Insomnia found a haven in you

You are where sleep goes to die.  You are always tired, but at night when you lay down to sleep, sleep evades you.  Your body is tired, but your brain has other plans.  It works overtime, and then some more.  It never shuts down, how can it when it is busy synthesizing every little detail of your day, and events from twenty years ago. You spend your life always feeling tired, but never being able to just lay down like normal people and fall asleep.


You are an introvert, are you?

People say you are an introvert, and you want to believe that too. Yet deep within you, you know that your problem is deeper than just being an introvert. If it was a question of just being an introvert.


  1. Why do you feel helpless?
  2. Do you always want to just go away, just go away, to anywhere, and never come back? Why can’t you enjoy the company of other people?
  3. Why can’t you sustain a simple conversation?
  4. There so many unanswered texts because you don’t know how to best reply to them?
  5. Why do you get mad when people call you?
  6. Do you always want to be left alone?
  7. Are you losing friends because you can’t initiate conversations? Why?
  8. Why are your relationships crappy, and why do you prefer a very small circle of friends?
  9. Then the suicidal thoughts, why do they recur?
  10. Why do you dread embarrassments? So much that you count your money ten times before reaching the counter?
  11. It always feels like there are two people in your head who are always squabbling, one logical, the other so paranoid and insecure, and that the paranoid one always wins?
  12. How can you get the voices in your head to shut up just for a second?
  13. Why it is so easy to accept criticism, but every compliment is taken with a pinch of salt?
  14. Who made those devilish things called compliments anyway?
  15. The depression, is it part of being an introvert?
  16. Why would you rather stay hungry than walk into a restaurant full of strangers?
  17. How are you going to order food anyway? How will you face the waiters?
  18. Why do you always feel like all eyes are on you and that people are talking about you?
  19. Do you always feel better in hoods and caps?
  20. You never give your opinion, you always mask your true feelings just so that you may avoid confrontations, and you always wonder why.
  21. Ask these questions to yourself. Does your situation match the above questions?


Here is my word that it is not your fault.  You are not lazy, you are not weird. You are stronger than you think. Just the fact that you wake up every day to face another day is the testimony of your strength. Takes a lot of willpower to be alive when you are fighting something people can’t see, something you probably can’t even explain.

It is harder when you know you are always freaking out about absolutely nothing in social situations, but you still get scared anyway. It is hard when you resort to alcohol to cure your state, but you can’t drink all the damn time.


People may not understand it, don’t blame them, not many know about this condition. I do not know the cure for Social Anxiety Disorder, which unfortunately can be abbreviated to SAD, but I know one thing for sure, there’s is always light at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there, champ. The bigger thing is that now you know what you are up against, now you have given the enemy a name, and you are in a better position to fight it.  This is a war that can be won, you will overcome, and we will overcome.