18 Male Body Language Signs Of Attraction

This article 18 Male Body Language Signs Of Attraction is about the body language of a man so that women can understand the minds of a man around them to understand their love with their expressions and body language.

If you are ever getting mixed signals from a guy when you realize that he is very interested in you but the next day you find that he behaves like a complete stranger.

The man who said that women are difficult to read probably did not know anything about men.

Even if he does not say openly or loudly to you, there can be signs of attraction in male body language that you can read and ensure his emotions easily. 

Men are adept at hiding their emotions. They will not tell you that until they themselves are sure of their feelings towards you. Women who get a sixth sense.

Of course, she can chase the trail. But they are also unsure of this because women focus on what the man says rather than how he behaves unknowingly and that’s where he is.

Where you have to look at body language. All you have to do is read the male body language charm. It is not easy to describe the attractiveness of men’s body language, but here are eighteen clues that can help you understand his body language and know that he secretly likes you.

Male Body Language Signs Of Attraction

He makes eye contact

If you are a woman, you must have seen men staring at you or another woman around you. Sometimes women also stare at a man constantly.

This habit is more common in men. This habit is a type of sign that men look at the woman’s eyes of their choice. Because they believe in using fewer words and so when a man is interested in talking to you, he talks to you with eyes.

He wants to know more about you. Additionally, if his eyes quickly go to your lips and return to your eyes, it is not only the conversation that interests but it is a sure Signs Of Attraction

He immediately breaks eye contact when caught

When men are looking at you and when they get close to you, they take their eyes off you, it is also a sign that they are trying to hide their attachment towards you.

Some people are shy in expressing their feelings. Maybe he shows courage to make eye contact and then quickly walks away from fear or shame.

During the conversation with that particular man, you will notice that when you talk to him, he will blush or look down and gives you a light smile.

His body language indicates that he is interested in you but his shame does not allow him to show up in front of you.

He smiles when he sees you

Male Body Language Signs Of Attraction
Male Body Language Signs Of Attraction

On seeing you, he greets you with his smile and he smiles at you no matter how bad your joke is. Not because he found your joke funny, but because you were the reason that brought a smile to his face.

We usually have a tendency to smile at the things that make us happy and in this case, that thinking person that you are, in fact, you can take this opportunity to congratulate her smile and so you can see her physical appearance. Language can be read when he makes every effort to get your attention.

He leaves his friends and comes to talk with you

If a man notices that he sees you interacting with his friends and he leaves them alone to talk to you, with his body language he is trying to show you who he is with.

He wants to spend his time. He will pay more attention to you and make sure you know it too.

He takes a deep breath watching you

Signs of body language are often subconscious. Revealing what is on his mind if he exhales a few deep breaths as he passes by. He is one of those subconscious signs that tells him to take his breath away.

Because he likes you so he likes you in every avatar or sometimes if you look different from good or normal then he takes a deep breath after watching you. This is also his body language. Even if she doesn’t congratulate you, but that deep breath says it all.

He fixes his hair as soon as you come

It is a simple matter that men inadvertently fix their hair when they see a girl they like. Suddenly they notice her presence and they want to impress the girl.

Additionally, another reason for her to fix her hair maybe because they want to get your attention and they do it to fix your hair so that you can look at the guy. This body language is a sure sign that they are secretly like you.

He feels nervous talking to you.

When you notice that a man repeatedly touches his face with the sign of attraction or other human body language qualities. Mostly you can see him touching her cheek and chin.

Fear of not being able to express their feelings correctly, some men become conscious and nervous while talking and thus touch their faces a lot. This is because they tend to feel stretched on their skin when they are nervous.

He will try to get your attention

He will make himself noticeable. Whether you can have both friends in different groups or perhaps in different departments.

Even then he will find a way to make you notice himself. For this, he can start talking very loudly or laugh out loud.

Especially when you are around. This is because he wants you to notice him even when he is not talking to you. He wants you to watch him when he is in his comfort zone.

He looks at your lips

There are some things men can never hide in their body language. Even if they think they are not agreeing on it. He will look at your face and most importantly your lips while talking to you.

He will stare at them for a split second or perhaps for a long time depending on the intensity of their feelings.

If he looks at your lips then you are not just a friend or colleague for him. He is attracting you here.

There are some hints to read if your colleague is interested in you.

His feet will point to you

One study says that we subconsciously point our feet towards the direction we want them to notice.

In which direction are his feet when he is in a group or even alone. If they are directed towards you then he is planning to come to you or thinking about it.

This is a good and clear sign for you because you already know where his feet are moving. It is a sign of his body language that he likes you very much. 

He crouches while chatting with you one by one.

He will indicate in his body language that he wants to be close to you and bending in front of you is a better way. Being bent does not mean that he is physically bent. In this way, his waist can sprain.

Being bent means that he does not make an issue during the conversation and does not get involved with you while talking. Rather, he agrees on everything you say.

This is because when he talks to you he wants a spark to be felt in the chemistry between you two.

He fixes his clothes again and again

He knows that you have not been impressed yet and does not want to leave any chance to impress you. He adopts a perfect dressing sense to make you feel.

At the same time, he keeps fixing his clothes and makes sure that his shirt is tucked or not. He may also panic for his buttons or cufflinks.

The reason for this is that when you are around, he does not really know how to behave. Therefore, correcting your clothes frequently is an indication of men’s body language that they want to look good in front of you.

He raises his eyebrows

Raising eyebrows is considered as signs of the body language of men who appear subconsciously. They raise their eyebrows upward when they see something that attracts them or something that they like.

Their body language suggests that they raise their eyebrows when they see a hot and beautiful girl passing by.

Now you can easily see this body language of men when every day he sees you and you find that his eyebrows are raised upwards. This is a sign of attraction.

His lips will start moving while looking at you or talking to you

If he is affectionate towards you, then obviously he will feel uncomfortable as soon as you come or talk to you.

As a result, he will go into a trance or start imagining the things that both of you are involved in and his lips move a little bit as they usually do.

When a man loses control over himself and starts being submissive on a woman he likes. If this is the case you are also seeing in a man around you, then he is being humble to you.

There will be many accidental touches

Sometimes you and a particular man’s hands have accidentally brushed against each other. If it happens repeatedly that it hits you or their hand touches your hands, it means that these accidents are employed by him.

This could be because he wants to hold your hand but cannot because of the results or because he wants you to feel that kind of attraction. He is feeling towards you.

Whatever the reason may be. The bottom line is that he has attracted you.

He wants you to catch him while checking

Male Body Language Signs Of Attraction

He will see you doing your investigation that there is a post called visual trips where he will look around and examine you until he stops at one particular part of you that he admires him the most. You check him out.

Catch and smile to yourself. Thinking that you caught him is not a fool, he was caught because he wanted you to notice that he is watching you, that this is a way of letting you know his feelings through his body language.

A sign of a man exhaling after seeing you

When you come in front of him, he fills up looking at you or exhales a long breath. It is a mental activity that is natural.

When your favorite person who is pleasing to your eyes comes in front of you, your breath stops, due to which you will notice that a special man leaves you long after watching you. It is his body language that he likes you.

Male Body Language Signs Of Attraction 

He uses his phone less in front of you

Another way is whether he likes you or not. It can see how many times he touches his phone when you are around him. Because he would like to be on his best behavior in front of you and will not do anything to show you that he is not giving much importance to you.

If he really likes you then he wants to know more about you rather than what his phone says. He will at least prioritize his phone in front of you. In this way he makes you feel special and these body language signs make it clear that he likes you.


Finally, if you like him too, then go ahead and strengthen your friendship with him. Accept his feelings over time or tell him your feelings. It depends entirely on you. Identify yourself whether you definitely do not go with the flow and see how it goes.

But if you don’t feel anything for him then don’t let him know and he will understand but make sure you say it through verbal communication and not because of body language signs. Because he might not be able to take those signals. Keep your feelings clear. Whatever it is then. With your decisions, you can both think and get on with it.