Open Relationships – What’s It All About? Open Relationship Advice for Beginners


This article Open Relationships – What’s It All About? Open Relationship Advice for Beginners is about open relations. Just as nature changes, politicians change, society changes, in the same way, today, diversity can be seen in relationships around the world.

open relationship advice for beginners

Where the definition of relationships was limited to only love, marriage, family, but today many forms of relationships are seen. Does the relationship between individuals change?

On the one hand, in the relationship, the partners are replaced when the expectations of the partner are not met. The need for diversity is strong among people.

Lovers tend to yearn for more polarity and diversity in their relationships, especially during long-term relationships. So people gradually pay attention to other options and experiment with different concepts that suit their lifestyle.  Other studies show that 75% of relationships end because one has cheated. At the same time, other people want to avoid getting tied up in a strong relationship.

Open Relationships- What’s It All About?

What is the definition of an open relationship and what is the meaning of such a lifestyle? Why would you do this?

What rules are needed and what does it mean to maintain peace? In this article, we offer a wide range of information, what it is all about and want to offer some advice for successfully living in an open relationship. When we try to get an in-depth understanding of the subject of open relationships, let us first start with a general definition. What is the meaning of an open relationship?

The definition of an open relationship is a committed relationship between two individuals who want to share a life together but agree to a non-monogamous lifestyle.

So the concept of this relationship means that parties are allowed to date and if desired have romantic or physical involvement with other people. Belief in abundance can bring us to perfection. If you look closely it is actually quite a spiritual path.
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What Does It Mean Being In An Open Relationship?

open relationship advice for beginners
open relationship advice for beginners

When we are in an open relationship and have other dating partners, we have to understand that every action takes place with great responsibility because we are still in a relationship and cannot be on each side only at the same time.

Nobody cares. Open relationships can be hard work and lots of unconditional love for each other. It means taking full responsibility for our actions.
When we break a rule.

For example, we forget to tell our main partner that we have not come home for the night because we live with our other lover, we have to understand that our main partner may be angry.

This understanding and patience are some of the foundations for our partner’s feelings. Also, strong trust and transparency between the couple in an open relationship are necessary to maintain harmony and peace. Particularly important is the desire to communicate about whatever comes emotionally or mentally to work.

It is important not to let it form until it breaks. It is a strong transformational journey that we can go through, especially when it comes to detachment and envy.

Being in an open relationship means riding a love roller-coaster together where it can move up quickly, but also down quickly where we take the responsibility of looking at our shadows and working through our belongings.

Why Do People Choose Open Relationships?

open relationship advice
open relationship advice for beginners

Openness in a relationship is not always a walk in the park; especially in the beginning, we enter a strange territory with lots of traps. That is why one may wonder why people open their relationship for the first time because their relationship is often lacking in something.

Mostly it is the sexual aspect. Many times want more diversity from the partner, try different sexual practices, different styles, and become better lovers through differentiation and experiences. Often this leads to weak polarity, lack of desire, and attraction towards one’s partner.

As a result, they start feeling a bit bored as they no longer got anything to share. A fire or spark that was very strong in the beginning, lacks its ability and that is why a person develops a desire in the mind for something or someone else.

To open up and challenge the relationship a little, can re-inspire this spark and bring a greater attraction to each other. When we see that our lovers are worshiped by others, we suddenly start taking them seriously.

So to open a relationship does not necessarily put him at risk, but can sometimes prevent a break-up.

Some rules of open relationship

relationship advice for beginners
open relationship advice for beginners

Rules can help a lot to keep an open relationship alive. The rules provide us with a definite framework we can rely on. Especially when we go through a period of intense emotions where the process of change can seem unbearable.

Particularly when it comes to delicate topics, which can trigger negative feelings, for example, some couples may have the rule that sleepovers are not allowed, others have no problem with them until the evening Do not call each other.

But of course, no rules are written in stone that works for one, does not automatically work for the other. Here are 10 important open relationship rules that matter –

1. Transparency in Relations

Even though the truth can be difficult and challenging. We really need to be transparent with the facts. Tell each other how many lovers you have, how often you see them, etc.

Some partners probably want to know every juicy detail or they ask, so let them know. If they don’t ask about it, just tell them what they need to know to have transparency.

2. Mutual Communication

Do not exaggerate with sexy details; it can trigger your partner’s self-esteem. Be considerate, honest, and sympathetic to your partner. Talk about both your sexual partner and your concerns. Also, arrange a meeting together.

Two women sleeping with the same men can become enemies. Especially if they don’t know each other, they start projecting things at each other or, when corrected, they can become sisters for a lifetime.

3. Test and Preparation

It can be challenging to jump from a single exclusive relationship to an open relationship and sometimes lead to a break-up. Be easy on yourself, go slowly and slowly. The first test to find out how strong you and your partner are at the psychological level.

Whatever problem arises, talk about it. Are you excited for each other or is jealousy in the air? If you have made up your mind that you might want to start with a sexual experience with a third party, then also share it.

4. Avoid Mutual Friends as Partners

Not until the two agree to it. Unless you are very experienced in this field, it can be very challenging to involve someone like that. Maybe try a threesome. If you really need to sleep with your friend, it is very inclusive and creates a trustworthy atmosphere.

5. Sex or Love?

Talk to your main partner on this subject. Do you just meet your dates for sex or are you allowed to go more emotionally deep? Women often fall in love with the person they are physical with. Be clear how far each of you can go.

And also be aware that those things can get out of control!

6. Be Prudent About the Whole Thing

open relationship advice for beginners blog
open relationship advice for beginners

Sharing with everyone how many dates your main partner has can cause you a lot of trouble. Keep your secrets with you. You can probably share it with your close friends who are understanding and opening up.

This type of relationship is not for everyone and it can push buttons in other people. You do not want embarrassment for you and your partner, nor do you want to challenge your family and friends too much, if it is not settled for them.

7. Set Clear Rules

Define what you like and what you don’t like together. As mentioned above, is asleep well or not ?! Or what could be more? Talk about every detail honestly and clearly, the more you both are on the same page, the more harmony this lifestyle will create.

8. Always Protect

This is certainly obvious. You are conscious about your health and do not want to spread STDs carelessly. Be protected and test yourself regularly.

9. Your Main Partner Comes First

No matter what, your main partner is first in any plan, event, or situation. It stabilizes your relationship and brings security to the picture. This is mainly valid for an open relationship. If it comes to two or more main partners it is a different story.

The development of unconditional love is absolutely necessary for a polygamous relationship. It needs a very strong personality and a strong belief in abundant love to deal with more main allies.

But until then, be patient and do not dominate yourself and your partner.

10. Good Scheduling

Explain how often you are allowed to see and interact with your other lovers and always make sure that you have enough time for each other. Which helps a lot in maintaining peace?

Also, discuss how long you want to be in an open relationship? Is it just a few months for a test or do you want to get in-depth with this lifestyle? Discuss your philosophy.

Open Relationship Advice for Beginners

open relationship advice for beginners

Relationships are not normal for everyone. For some people, it may seem easy and game-like. For others, it causes great emotional and mental pain. If both parties agree to this lifestyle then it is important to determine how long you want to give it, until you decide whether it is suitable for both of you.

The following advice is meant to give you some understanding of an open relationship.

Play With Open Card

Communication is the most important thing in any relationship. Women and men are different and value different things. Understand yourself and repeat to your partner exactly what they understood. You need to talk about everything, especially in the beginning, to read some inspirational stories together and clarify what you want out of it.

Explain why you want to try this relationship concept and what your vision with your partner is. If you end up in an argument then there are other ways you can talk about how to improve your relationship.

Set Some Frame Work

These rules are important for maintaining harmony and enjoying the great benefits and highness of an open relationship. Sit together and make a list of boundaries to avoid strong emotional breakouts.

But always be prepared that even with this framework, emotional stuff can be triggered in any way.

One Step at a Time

Endurance is an important step. As stated above, the balance of a man emotionally deteriorates and in order to convert those feelings into strength, it is important to have a correct understanding and preparedness in the partner. Never rush with those things, you can put your relationship at risk.

Be Aware and Speak

In an emotionally closed society like ours we never really learn to show our feelings. What is happening inside you Learn to understand it and share it with your partner. The light of awareness changes every negative emotion.

Do Not Cheat

Even though you have built this freedom together to experience sexual diversity. Never lie or cheat on your main partner. There is no reason for this. Always tell your main partner what is going on.

Unless you clearly know that your partner does not want to know. If you hold back because you don’t want to hurt your partner, be clear that you are hurting him even more through lying. Do not force.

Open Relationship Looks like Dating

open relationship advice for beginners blog about relationship
open relationship advice for beginners

You definitely want to start dating once you decide to be in an open relationship. For some people it is easy, for others it is hard work. Especially for a man, it can sometimes be difficult to find a woman because most would not like to think that they have a main partner or a wife at home.

This is why it is easy to look around in the poly scene where people are already informed and know how to deal with these things. There are dating platforms specifically made for people, either couples or individuals, who seek an open view.

Open the Relationship as a Spiritual Practice

open relationship advice for beginners

The concept of open relationships provides great potential for spiritual development. Like every other relationship, it will always be a mirror for us so that we can understand where we can grow and change. Being in an equal relationship does not mean being in a less spiritual relationship at the same time.

It’s just that a lot of things start with a polygamous lifestyle and this is an opportunity to see those triggers. Especially when it comes to a polyamorous lifestyle where we believe in the abundance of love. Extra cunt massage is a great spicy practice that can enhance and deepen the relationship for your lovers.


An open relationship is like a mirror for ourselves, our personality, and our ego. Especially this kind of kinship concept very quickly shows us its shadow.
It can show our attachment and ability. Jealousy or possessiveness are signs that we inadvertently make the other the exclusive love-slave always available to us.

Whenever a feeling arises we can use rules so as to minimize the harm and enjoy the positive side. Both sides develop these rules over time.

Note that they are not meant to restrict, but help each other to easily convert our weakness into a strength. From indisposition to unconditional love.

However, your test would seem to conclude how it went if you decided at a certain time and if it was too painful. Do not engage with it and do what feels right for your relationship.

Remember Every relationship is different and the concept of an open relationship may not work for everyone. There are other things you can do to bring freshness and diversity to your relationship.

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