Relationship Expectations Transformations


Relationship: Expectations and Transformations Explained

In this article, we are going to figure out  Relationship Expectations Transformations and the cause of these tensions and negotiate our relationship in a divine and equipoise attitude. A man is a social animal anybody who accomplishes anything in life with the help of others.

You are born from a relationship. You have to maintain the relationship and these relationships are required yet they remain an enigma throughout life. All the tensions that people have are because of relationships.


Example Story for the Relationship

Consider this scenario in the mall is a mother with her four-year daughter walking by side of the mother. It seems like an angel on earth. She got a smile on her face she looks around smiling. The situation changes as soon as we get to the checkout. The daughter points out the chocolate in the tray, and says, “Mommy, I want it”. If the mother conserved her demand all will continue well.


Just in case the mother refuses now the transformations will take place .that little angle will transform herself into the little demon.


She starts shouting at her mother, she starts hitting her feet on the ground and starts pulling her dress, so that her mother’s life becomes so sad that the mother is surprised that I Why ever baby.


 Relationship: Expectations and Transformations [Blog]
 Relationship: Expectations and Transformations [Blog]

How did this Transformation take Place?

Now how did this transformation take place? From a little angle to a little demon. The problem was the girl has some expectations from her mother. The moment these expectations were not met, the relationship develops a strain. What a strained the child’s relationship with her mother –her expectations not met.  Simple the problem is that we people have not grown up from the four-year-old stage.


Relationships, we have Expectations


 Relationship: Expectations and Transformations [Blog]
 Relationship: Expectations and Transformations [Blog]
  • This is what he should do for me.
  • This is what she should not do for me.

As long as the expectations are met, everything is fine. “My wife is very good”; “my husband is very good”. The expectations of that moment are not fulfilled, all the problems arise from there.


Expectations in Relationship


 Relationship: Expectations and Transformations [Blog]
 Relationship: Expectations and Transformations [Blog]


Now the expectations cannot be always met. it is theoretically an impossible equation.

Suppose that there is a man and his boss hopes that he should be sitting at 8 o’clock in his office, to show that he is sincere and dedicated to the corporation. But the wife has drafted her expectations that my husband should return by 6 pm. To show that he loves me.


Now this person is indifferent situation fulfill. The expectations of the boss or to full fill the expectation of the wife.

All the strain getting caused by is our own expectations. Any relation cannot be surviving through expectations. Relationship survives through sacrifice, understanding, tolerance, patience. And these virtues go against our soul nature, in the state of being selfish.


A Relationship is Not Absolute

People do what they want to do, and do whatever they want to do that they always do what is in your interest, but they are doing what they want to do, there is no question of ethics, what is right or what is wrong.


Here a system of the situation matters because they are not breaking any law, they are breaking the understanding between them because nothing is complete in human relations, the relationship is the understanding of conduct on a daily basis, which should be done properly needed.


Everyone thinks that they are doing good in the relationship, but it is not necessary for others too, so it seems that no relationship is complete, there are variables.

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How to deal with Relationship


 Relationship: Expectations and Transformations [Blog]
 Relationship: Expectations and Transformations [Blog]
  • It takes lots of attention and small skills of patience.
  • An understanding relationship is a practice kind of thing having variables.
  • Find out what you want in your relationship because you would not want to look weak.
  • Stop thinking that you have an incomplete life for that you need people all the time to take your life completely to understand understanding and expectations from you or you to others.
  • Instead of reacting, try to improve, complain about someone because of emotions these satisfactions are temporary; after some time you can feel ashamed that what happened to you.
  • There is an opportunity somebody is opening a different dimension someone is making you realize how frazzle things these are, the important thing is you denied something how? illusion of expectations.


Feel wonderful complete life, no need of others to complete you, as results you will discover relationships will be completely different together. It has to transform you have to transform for sharing, happy not extracting.  



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