13 Signs a friend is more than a friend

This article is 13 Signs a friend is more than a friend. Sometimes this happens when it comes to friends related to the opposite sex. The hardest part is that you never know what’s going on in your head.
You can deny everything you want, but the question goes through your mind every time and the first mistake many people make is that they start thinking about whether or not they want to be more than friends of that person.
Unless you’re already in love with him /her, don’t do it because it will complicate your friendship.
Now, look for signs to discover what your friend thinks about you.

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Signs a friend is more than a friend- Her Behaviour


signs a friend is more than a friend
Signs a friend is more than a friend

Relationships can leave the most unexpected friendships. That is why it is not always bad to have Platonic friends. Because sometimes attraction can happen just by pressing a switch on a woman’s brain. Because it happens, and it happens more often than you might think.
What are the signs that your friend is starting to get dirty for you? you should look for more than one of these signs before taking a step.

1. She becomes more aware of herself

One of the most obvious ways to know if your friend wants to improve things is to become aware when she is around you. If she starts wearing better clothes when she is close to you, she may try to impress you and look at her differently.
This is one of the main ways in which women try to grab a man’s attention through our choice of clothes. Even if men pay so much attention to our dress or not. Women think it really matters, so if you are starting to wear very nice, or sensual clothes.

If you start getting her hair fixed, make-up and looking better, then these are all signs that she is trying to get your attention and get your attention.

2. She is jealous

Another way to know that a woman is starting to feel something for you. When you start talking to her about other girls she is jealous or always talks about the fact that none of those women are really good for you.
She is giving you a partial opinion about these girls about how they cannot be better for you because she is using your role as her friend so that you can try to get away from these unfair women.
His goal may be to provide the best option for you. That is why every time she comes to meet you, she comes prepared well.

3. She becomes sensitive

It is not about being physical but being talked about as a touch that makes one feel connected. That is, a woman is touching the indicator, not sexually, but with a light and playful touch. But she can pretend to touch you.
for example-
Can tickle you
Can fight with you
It can take some away.
You can hold your arm to grab your attention.
There are many ways that women touch a man when he tries to indicate that she is interested in him.

4. She is more interested in your life and wants to hang out


signs a friend is more than a friend
signs a friend is more than a friend

When a woman likes you, she would like to spend time with you and be more involved in your life. She will ask personal questions in an attempt to get more information about her daily life. She will also try to flirt with you.
When we like someone, we want to spend time with them. If your friend is trying to establish more meeting places one by one, she can try to tell you that she is more interested in you than a friend.
So look at more than one of these signs. This way you are less likely to be rejected.

Signs a friend is more than a friend – His Behaviour


signs a friend is more than a friend
13 Signs a friend is more than a friend

Most boys have a difficult time making confessions. When they are afraid to accept their feelings. The reason for fear may be that they may be a little shy or they are afraid of things being rejected so that they are not rejected.
You are probably curious or just want to see things. If you really like her more than a friend, you may want to correspond and return some signs that you are interested in. Also, it is a reinforcement of the ego but before doing so, see if he is guilty of these signs.

5. He makes time for you

If you notice that he is skipping playtime just to be with you. So it may mean something, but if you notice that he puts forward his schedule for you, it can mean something serious for him.
He wants to spend more for you.
You have time with him because there is something within you that attracts him from it. When he starts making excuses for being alone with you. He basically wants you to see him the same way he sees you.

6. He is interested in your love life

He talks carelessly with your friends whom you like or fall in love with. But if he raises the subject of whether you are still single or if you see someone with whom you can be assigned to be careful. Whether there are any other friends that you like.
He is eager to know if he has taken your heart and wants to know every little bit about you. If you can get interested in someone at the end of the day. All because he wants to make sure he still has a chance with you.

7. Jealous of your male friends

With many of your friends or if you are with a group of them, there is nothing to be jealous of. If he is just your friend But if he feels something for you, you will find him acting strangely or when you go out with him and a group of young boys from whom he keeps avoiding you. Thus, he slowly dies inside because there is nothing he can do about it.

8. His face shines on seeing you

This is simple for most people, but if she is around you, you see her smiling a lot and can see the smile on her face all the time when you enter. He is always happy and excited.
You can’t forget the blush when you walk towards it.
That boy’s face can be read in pink if you just talk to him or make fun of him. So if you see him glowing happily, it can be a subtle sign that he likes you more than a friend.

9. Takes care of you

Sometimes he will be kind to you, protect you and even take care of you to show that he is interested in you. Whenever you need to talk to someone, he is there for you. He helps you with homework. You feel sad, he will encourage you now. He may seem almost like your husband but without legal documentation.

10. He stays around you

Now, this can be inconvenient depending on the situation, assuming you were finishing a project with him or your group of friends moved aside after the hangout but he stayed a bit more to start a conversation with you. And by adding random topics to talk with you, it also shows that he is interested in you.
If you notice that he follows you and engages with you in every meeting because he just wants to spend more time with you. There is nothing wrong with this. You may also find that your bodyguard So no that prevents any other guy from contacting you in this way.

11. Check your availability occasionally

Generally, when you want to go out with someone, you will ask for their schedule. You will see when they are free which is completely normal, but if you notice that your friend constantly asks how your schedule is or you are in free time.
So maybe he is making a master schedule to let you know when is the right time to hang out with you. Basically just by doing a little research about you, he might want to maximize his time with you and know your whereabouts.

12. He often sees you online


signs a friend is more than a friend
signs a friend is more than a friend

If talking about social media accounts then you will probably have one. So you will find that he will find you and add you. This is a quick way to stalk. It looks like he wants to investigate you so that he can find out what you like and what you don’t like.
What have you done recently or five years ago or how many relationships have you been crazy about in the past? But maybe. You would not have noticed this and he would probably never tell that he was following you. He is doing deep research about you because he wants to get closer to you.

13.Responds instantly if you send a text message over the phone or social network

It is not that he has nothing to do but you can bet that he will reply to you as soon as possible. He just wants to make sure he doesn’t leave you and if you’re really interested in someone you probably won’t have to wait long to respond.
So this is a subtle way of telling someone that you are interested in him and that he is a really great person to talk to you in general.
Perhaps only once you take it easy and start getting to know you first instead of taking part in things, in most cases it is called protection and once they start dating and more with each other Talking deeply, things can get serious.

Conclusion for 13 signs a friend is more than a friend


signs a friend is more than a friend
signs a friend is more than a friend

Once you find out if they like you or not, think about what you want; Do you want to take the next step, or just let things take their course? However, if you are in love with him /her and discover that they do not think of you in that sense, then go back a little.
It can work and he/she will feel that something is missing in their lives without you.
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