Partner Lies in a Relationship


This article what happens when your partner lies in a relationship is about many couples who are troubled by their partner’s habit of lying. Telling a lie in a relationship affects his strength and also breaks the morale of the people associated with the relationship.
This lie shows the suspicion of infidelity and the feeling of weak love, but it is not that if the person tells a lie, he does not love his partner or is committing infidelity.

what happens when your partner lies in a relationship
what happens when your partner lies in a relationship

It can also be the effect of different personalities living in us that when a person is pointing to his inner soul and saying that such an act is wrong or do not lie.
But the person ignores himself. Many times a person speaks lies due to his bad habits because he does not want to show his habit to others.
When this matter comes in front of a partner, it depends on his attitude whether he understands it or not. When you are aware of your partner’s habit of speaking this lie and trying to get rid of it, what methods do you adopt?

It depends on the partner that he tries to change his partner’s habit or wants to break their relationship.

For this, the first introspection is necessary so that there is no later regret. It is obviously painful to break the rituals, but being a partner in a relationship that speaks falsely, manipulative, and never keeps their promises, is even more painful.

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Is Laying Violence?


Does your partner have conflicting stories that don’t intermingle? Are you struggling with a part of yourself that suggests there is something else in the story?

This is not uncommon as we embark on a journey of self-discovery that we find ourselves in relationships that seem less than authentic.
These relationships often start to become fanned with the flame of desire with complete honesty.

We really start to hunger for it.
It is a painful lonely place in a relationship with someone you know deeply, you cannot fully believe. Because every time there is hope that maybe this time may be different.

Is Lying Violence? On some level it is. Many times people who lie to us use illusions to leave us off balance. It makes us wonder if we are crazy?

Maybe it’s just us. Maybe we need help. They can also tell us that we only have a problem of trust or it is just our past.

Those things may be true, but we know an honest relationship when we are in one. If we have a problem with trust or unheralded relationship issues.

It may be that we have in fact been allowed to delve so deeply into this new relationship, although our gut told us that something was off.

When You’re in a Relationship with a Liar

what happens when your partner lies in a relationship
what happens when your partner lies in a relationship

When we are in a relationship that does not meet our needs, it is a good idea to start where we are.

  • Start learning to take care of yourself.
  • Take a look at your feelings.
  • Find friends you can trust, people who will listen to you without pressure to make any decisions before they are ready.

The secret lies in knowing oneself. If you feel insane and believe in balance or uncertainty, then the time has come to trust and know you again.

Each of us has an internal compass that directs us on our path. Somehow we lost connection with it.

As you focus on yourself and grow where you are, one of two things will happen, either you will not need a relationship or the relationship will change.

Remember, you do not have the power to change another person. The only person you can change is yourself. There are rare cases where people change themselves to save the relationship and for the sake of their love.

Why Does My Partner Lie To Me

what happens when your partner lies in a relationship
what happens when your partner lies in a relationship

The level of lying can vary from individuals of different personalities in different relationships. It is not necessary that the things that have gone here are applicable to everyone.

Nevertheless, consideration is given to the reasons for the partner’s lying in the relationship. To understand the mentality behind lying, it is mainly divided into three headings –

1. Childhood Liar

The habit of speaking lies is very common in some people, that is, they have been telling lies from their childhood, which they consider is simple. Such people are very easily convincing another person from their lies and believe it to be their success.

This habit later becomes a part of his personality. This type of person is confronted, so hopefully, your companions will definitely not come in this category.

The lie of such a person can be caught who repeatedly tells lies. And very convincingly assures him not to lie again but every time he breaks his promise. This type of person should be saved because there is little scope to change them.

Since it is clear that there is a kind of mental illness in them. So you may need special help to change the habit of such a person.


Marital relationship or any other type of relationship is a relationship between 2 people or more people.

The consequences of hiding or lying in it can be bad because trust is the foundation of any relationship. In such a way, lying big and small can ruin relationship building.

Some remedies have been given to redress the problems that arise in the relationship. Due to the categories of false husbands mentioned above.

If your husband is a first-class liar, then you can get someone’s help for that. To get rid of this habit, you can take the advice or help of an expert.

2. Protective Liar

On the other hand, from the point of view of the other partner. It is known that he also has the right to get information about the right and bad conditions.

Whether it is physical pain, illness, or a bad financial situation the partner is lying and hiding to protect the other partner from worries.

Even though it may be painful for him to know, his partner does not have the right to compare. How my partner has the ability to understand how he thinks about things.

If both the companions are two equal wheels of household life, then both of them need transparency among themselves. And both have the right to know things among themselves. Hence lying together with the other partner even if it is from a protective point of view.

He is called wrong even if he cries for love after him or gives a reason for giving protection.

He does injustice to another partner. If the lying husband tells the truth to his wife in advance, his wife may be in trouble.

But to a great extent, one will get peace of mind as to how the attendee can cope with the bad problems and plan to deal with the situations. Get time to make.

So before questioning your partner’s work capacity or intelligence capacity, think that instead of showing love and care. You are not showing your partner down or weak.


If your husband is a second-class husband and lies to avoid the miseries of life, then you need to talk to them. They can share the joys and sorrows of your partner’s life and you will also try to understand their views.

3. Lying For Avoid Your Negative

This is the third type of lying husband who lies to their wife, lies to hide the truth and then lies to hide that lie.

These types of husbands lie because they are afraid of telling the truth so that their partner does not get angry at them such as spending more or drinking beer with friends or hiding the smoking habit.

He is afraid of talking openly to his partner and lies more to hide it which can be interpreted negatively. Such a habit may also occur in a person because of his habit of hiding things from childhood.

There is a lack of confidence in such people that their partner or any other person should not reject what they said. These types of husbands lie just to avoid negative reaction or anger.

If your husband is lying like this and he is hiding his mistakes, from next time you ask him in a soft voice and do not react excessively to anything.
So that next time they can explain their things to you openly. By hiding small things, things can get bigger, so it is very important to sit and talk among themselves and this discussion should be a healthy conversation and not a debate.


If your husband falls in the third category, then there is a need to make some changes in yourself to get rid of this habit.

If he is afraid of your negative attitude, then the next time you talk, keep your temper and talk like a friend, this will boost his confidence and make you feel comfortable talking.

Because the two companions should only talk while talking among themselves, do not think about his reaction and the next partner should also keep in mind that without listening to any negative feedback, listen to the whole thing of your partner.

Is Honesty The Best Policy For A Relationship?

what happens when your partner lies in a relationship
what happens when your partner lies in a relationship

When speaking of honesty, it comes to mention being honest with your partner and honest with yourself. The first thing we talk about is, to be honest with you.

People enter relationships for many different reasons. Some do this because they enjoy companionship while others do better in life when they feel they are in a team.

Some people jump into relationships because they feel what is expected of them. No matter what your reason is, you should be willing to take an honest look because you want to be in a relationship.
When we are not honest with ourselves as to why we are in a relationship or with the partner you have chosen, then you have laid the foundation of passion and romance from the beginning. So before joining a relationship, there are some questions that you can ask yourself –

  • You must first decide what you really want for yourself.
  • How do you imagine your life with someone?
  • What kind of person makes a good partner for you?
  • What kind of relationship feeds your soul and inspires you to love and thrill you?
  • So have you have chosen a partner that is not the best match for you?
  • Have you done anything or does anyone wonder why? Have you not allowed yourself to have both feet in the relationship so that you can dance?
  • Are you leading a healthy and balanced life? Have you taken a good hard look?
  • You may not even realize that there is a continuous internal struggle that is going on inside. What we want, what we need, is right for us, and what we think the other might be best for us can vary strongly. When we are not true to ourselves, we are living a life that stops. If you notice that you feel unbalanced or closed in your current relationships, it is possible that you are in need of some personal honesty.
  • You should be prepared to explore all areas of your life to determine if you take into consideration your overall health, including your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, interpersonal, and professional wellbeing.
  • Your partner’s choice should correlate with your interests, your passions, and your value system and relationship goals so that you can be powerfully meaningful and passionate for the long term.

Be Honest With Your Partner

Being honest with your partner probably goes away without saying, but cites it as a simple reminder. Honesty is important in a relationship.

It is important for the health and well-being of all relationships. Also, lack of honesty is what steals passion, lust, and romance.
Lack of honesty is built as families, that is, keeping your true feelings hidden to the point that they overcome the goals you want to achieve.

Understanding, trust, openness, and trust in your partner are important elements for feelings of friendship and intimacy.
On the other hand, it is extremely difficult to be invested in a relationship with a partner who is aware that it is important for the relationship.

There Is No Safe Place to Hide

what happens when your partner lies in a relationship
what happens when your partner lies in a relationship

Once you are honest with yourself, you should be sensitive to your partner and afraid of the unknown. Think about it. Fear constantly puts people in a very sad place.

Whether it is a place of loneliness, denial, anger, frustration or loss, fear ensures your ticket on the same ride day after day. People live in those unhappy places not because they enjoy it, but because of the fear of change or the unknown is often greater than the fear of situations.

Most fears disrupt self-worth and self-esteem and consequently inhibit passion. The lack of mobility and development resulting from rejection, criticism, and fear of loneliness set the stage for the love, passion, and romance of the breed.

As you become more and more confident with your ability to try new things and recognize the value of meeting your needs. You will be more prepared to face more challenges and to overcome bigger fears.


It is important to remember that in pursuing a goal for your relationship full of passion, romance, and love, you must be ready to develop and modify your own behavior and adapt to changing circumstances.

Your vision for a passionate relationship should not look like the Great Wall of China, which is impossible. Instead, it should be one of commitment, willingness, determination, flexibility, and adaptability.
However, being honest all the time can be difficult, threatening and even scary.

As human nature happens, we all have internal tension that can overcome us from telling the truth and being completely honest with our partner.

The biggest fear is what our partners will think of us. Fearing how they would react to our concerns.
Fear of how they will use the information we have finally split. When you love someone, the idea of ​​disappointing them can be very difficult to be completely honest.

Being honest in the face of your fears. In the end, being honest is the best policy for any relationship. Being honest from the beginning either builds a solid foundation for being in a relationship or gives a solid reason for not being.

In other words, if you are honest and your partner does not appreciate you for being so, then there may very well be a reason for not being in that relationship.

Of course, there are other communication factors, such as how your information or ideas are presented, the tone used, and so on. But any other issues should be discussed at that time. For now, be sweet, genuine, and take a soft approach to your integrity and see where it takes you.

Anyhow, this is for your better. Love, passion, romance, and intimacy are the very foundations for a happy and healthy relationship. While other characteristics and internal actions also qualify for a successful relationship.

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