Why Women Are Never Happy 2 Big Points


Why women are never happy, this article is about the relationship between men and women. Often you will find men complaining that no matter how well they give or treat their women best. She always discovers some small thing on some subject which does not satisfy her.

Why women are never happy
Why women are never happy

Maybe you’re not you’re your best to be romantic enough, maybe you’re just not communicating properly.

Maybe you spend too much time on your mobile or maybe you spend too much time at parties with friends. Whatever the reason may be, but the important question to all man why would you want to find a happy woman?

The answer is simple because finding a woman who will be your partner. She will be the mother of your children who will work with you to build a family.

Most men need to have a family because that is what gives them real joy, but if you are with an unhappy woman you will not be able to build a happy family and so it is important to understand why these women are unhappy and with this explanation, you will be able to understand.

You will find that you are not the only person and there are many men who feel fulfilled after meeting their soul mate, but after some time they do not understand their own partner, whose mood is bad at times.

It is self-evident that many women are not happy because their many women are taking antidepressants and some are just getting drunk, women are getting drunk especially every weekend. The weekend is good when all bets are correct.

1.Stay away from these Women when you want to start your Relationship

Why women are never happy

When it comes to examining someone, a lot of points can come out, but meeting a woman can be tested to see her thoughts and life. On this basis, a brief explanation of their negative attitudes related to women is given here –

Women who think more than Necessary

Your best bet is to avoid these unhappy women, I am sure you have spent most of your life around these unhappy women and you believe that this is not normal, it is incredibly unhappy women, especially normal Form is not for more educated women.

It is about women who think excessively and only see their selfishness against their partner’s wishes and feelings.

After this, she also wants to support her fellow man that his partner should agree on everything.

Women who Compete with Men are Never Happy

You should get out of the Squared planning of all these unhappy women and go to places where you will find normal women. As in Eastern Europe, women here feel that they fully understand that they are women and that their role is to be a woman.

They understand that being a woman is complementary to a competition, not a man. If a woman competes with a man she is in a relationship with, she always loses because men and women are different and therefore try to prove themselves better and compete – they will win. Not only that, we also lose ourselves with our man.

 So you have to go to a place and find a woman who is not unhappy or damaged. A place where women are happy and you will find happiness.

Women who bring Feminism in her Relationship

Why women are never happy

We are usually descendants of happy people. Then what is the problem nowadays? Earlier women used to take care of children and take care of their careers while also taking care of their husband and household responsibilities. Even today women, assuming their responsibility, do their work happily without complaining to anyone.

A woman is with her family and is clearly happy. Today women have been socialized to look for things that get personal satisfaction even for a career.

You know feminism when it came up as an ideology, feminism had a lot to do with it, but it was not in itself.

Many people say that it is the fault of feminism and this feminism has led women to He wasted everything in his personal life.

In the field, feminism helps women to be self-reliant, but when it interferes with their personal relationships, it makes the relationship sad and dull in the partners.

It is easy for a man to be upset with his partner, where women become more independent and independent of their relationship. This type of ideology among women was a combination of feminism and this neoliberal capitalism which is seen around us.

Women who Leave their Loved ones for Success Opportunities

It is believed by modern women that it is a good thing for women to leave their children for the sake of their careers.

However, the thing is that the happy woman fulfills the challenges and decisions in her life while thinking about visionary interests. Where it makes sense to leave your loved ones for success opportunities.

Here we go on an issue of human nature that many people do not want to accept. Why would women do this, women would be foolish enough to listen to this nonsense.

They are also ready to change their ideas and principles to suit themselves and to comply with the people and this is a natural condition of women.

2. As a Man your Effort to keep your Woman Happy

There are things you can do to make a woman happy.

  • Make her feel that she is the most special person to you.
  • Do not try to force things with her.
  • Do not show her that you are desperate.
  • Now do not make such promises to her because this time things will be different and she is less likely to believe it.
  • Arouse her curiosity.
  • Be a friend to her and listen to every word she says.
  • Do not message or call her several times a day.
  • Show that you care for her.
  • Do the things for which she would proud of you.
  • Your actions will show how much you love her.
  • Do things that are likely to affect her.
  • Give her a reason to call.

Certainly, as a man, you want to keep your woman happy. But don’t want to lose yourself trying to keep him satisfied and do every little thing for him.

To really make her happy you have to understand her and be the man in the relationship. If you do not fulfill all his owners, it will give him your respect. Here are simply some things you can do-

Be Decisive as Women are Never Happy

This does not mean that you always need to make decisions in a relationship, but being a man means being decisive. You have to realize how to use sound judgment and acknowledge obligation regarding any result.

Although a woman does not want any man to try to control her actions, she always wants all decisions in the relationship to be avoided.

Of course, to make a good decision it is necessary to understand the other person’s point of view. So to be a man, you also have to get his input before deciding on something.

Be a Leader

Why women are never happy

To have a good relationship with your woman, you need to lead. If you do nothing and wait for someone else to solve the problem then your woman has caught you in a high relationship.

If you hold back for fear of criticism, you are playing it safe and not acting like a man in a relationship. A man needs to be able to handle problems and come up with solutions. Of course, it would never be wrong to ask for help when needed.

Be Strong

I don’t mean physical strength. To be strong in a relationship you have to control yourself. When you are angry with your woman, for example, you should control your anger and not hurt her physically, because it will make you a coward, who is younger and more defenseless than you.

The real strength comes from the strength of your mind so that you can control your passion and protect the weak. It makes you stronger in a relationship.

Finally, the above are some points that will surely help you a lot in winning over your sweetheart and starting your relationship afresh.

It has been observed that people who have followed the above-mentioned tips seriously have got beneficial results. in case you are faced with a similar problem.

It is advisable that you consider these tips above that we have discussed and you can be quite sure that you will find positive results sooner than you had ever expected.


This renaissance economic paradigm in which we are living makes a lot of sense because it has encouraged women to go against their most naturalistic impulses to have a family that produces children and to makes a home with that man is natural. Is the trend.

Why women are never happy

Some of you know the satisfaction that they have done, but you know that working all day does not make anyone happy. For example – do you think the lawyer, who is a partner in a big firm, has to grind every day on this trivial nonsense of legal work? Do you think he is happy? Is he receiving huge satisfaction outside of his quote?

But I do not need to know or study to tell that it is a fact that no one is satisfied, but we do it because it is necessary to get money. Therefore, it is not necessary that if a woman or man does any work for their relationship or family, then they get an immediate reward or be happy with every task.

In fact, both parents are required for the correct upbringing of a family. Children especially young children are dependent on their mothers, they need their mother, especially in the first ten years, and once the child starts adolescence and gets to know the world than they really need your father.

Therefore, a man should choose a woman as his partner who can be an exemplar of feminism, to fulfill the responsibilities of his family and work area with pleasure and not to make feminism an issue to his partner from time to time.